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London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF)

The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) is to advance banking and finance by providing outstanding education and thinking, tailored to the needs of business, individuals, and society. LIBF provides a balance of experience, insight and thought leadership into today's financial world. And because LIBF has been at the heart of the sector since 1879, it creates connections and build partnerships between people and business that make banking and finance more accessible and understood, and enhance social inclusion through better financial capability.

Student Investor Challenge

Student Investor Challenge

Student Investor Challenge is the most important financial competition of LIBF, with 400,000 participants in 2,500 schools worldwide. It combines financial certification and financial contest accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), to focus on lifelong learning; equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to achieve what they want throughout their career and life. The challenge is separated into junior and senior rounds. The participants followed the development path from the Preliminary Round, the National Final to the London Championship in London. Those with excellent grades will receive an authoritative financial capability certificates. LIBF also offers online self-study courses to help learners enhance the financial knowledge.


Financial Knowledge

Improve on investment and financial thinking

Finance Management
Beneficial for univerity application in finance-related major
Fund Security
High school version of "CFA Challenge", authoritative certificate

Student Investor Challenge

Development Path

Preliminary Round
Preliminary Round
  • Time:10:00 am, 19th April 2020
  • Location:Exam centers across China
  • Format:English, Written test
  • Participants:Junior:Age 11-15 Senior:Age 16-18
  • Written Test:
    · Unit 1 – Your personal finances: 30 mins, 30 stand-along multiple-choice questions
    · Unit 2 – Money management for your generation: 45 mins, 44 stand-along multiple-choice questions
    · Unit 3 – Your future, your career: 30 mins, 26 stand-along multiple-choice questions.
  • Duration:105 mins
  • Grading:One point for each question, no deductions will be made for any incorrect answer.
  • Qualification Benchmark for National Final:A minimum score of 15 points in Unit 1; 15 points in Unit 2; 10 points in Unit 3.
  • Prize Award:Full scores
  • High Distinction:Top 10% of students (national grades)
  • Distinction: Top 20% of students (national grades)
  • Credit: Top 35% of students (national grades)
  • LIBF LiFE Qualification (accredited by Ofqual):Qualifiers for National Final
* Note: Only those who have received the LiFE Certification will be eligible for awards.
National Final
National Final
  • Date:August 2020 (4 days), during Summer holiday
  • Location:Shanghai
  • Format:Individual competition and team competition
  • Participants:Students who have received the LiFE Certificates in the Preliminary Round. Students need to be in a team of 4 to participate, individual participants will be assigned to a group by the organizing committee.
  • Numbers per team:4 Students
  • Registration:Qualifiers will receive an invitation letter for National Final
  • Language:English
  • Award percentage:40%
  • Content:
Morning Afternoon Evening
D1 Registration Opening Ceremony Preparation for Written Test
D2 Competition 1:
Financial Knowledge Test
Competition 2:
Stock Market Simulation and Investment Decisions Round 1&2
Financial Seminar:
Classic Financial Case Analysis Conducted by the Senior Management of Investment Bank
D3 Competition 3:
Financial Bowl
Competition 4:
Financial Case Analysis and Roadshow
Social Event
D4 Competition 2:
Stock Market Simulation and Investment Decisions Round 3&4
Closing Ceremony
*The agenda might be adjusted according to the actual circumstance.
London Championship
London Championship
  • Date:May 2020
  • Location:London
  • Eligibility:Only for high school students. Gold winner is qualified to participate in the London Championship.
  • Language:English
  • Format:Stock market simulation and financial case analysis.
  • Sponsorship:ASDAN China will paid for the qualifiers' conference fees during London Championship (Flight tickets and Visa fees are not included).

Online Learning Platform


Financial Knowledge
Finance Management
Fund Security

Key Skills

Budgeting Skill
Communication Skill
Preliminary Budgeting
Comprehension Ability
Data Processing Skill
Information Analysis

MyLIBF Online Courses

  • Learning hours:48 h
  • Content:
  1. Unit 1 - Your personal finance:Money, Sources of money, Storing money safely, Spending and budgeting, Saving and selling, Borrowing, What is insurance, How do we keep our money safe?
  2. Unit 2 - Money management for your generation:Modern banking, Pay and pay calculations, Types of payment card, The cost of borrowing, Using money abroad, Financial difficulties and their consequences , Financial advice and protection.
  3. Unit 3 - Your future, your career:The financial services industry, Routes into financial careers, Roles and career paths, Planning your career.

* You have the chance to watch the learning material repeatedly.

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