All-Star Competition

Stepping up to the Future: How to Imagine the Unimaginable

30th Jan.- 2nd Feb. 2020 Guangzhou·Foshan

Opportunity to win $30,000 Startup Funding in Silicon Valley
Invite 100 Excellent Teams from 54 Regional Competitions
Experience the Whole Process of Enterprise Development
VIP Business Keynote Speaker·Economic Lecture·Career Planing
Social Event to Boost Interaction
Win Authoritative Awards and ASDAN Points to Enhance Competitive Advantages


ASDAN All-Star Competition is a virtual marketplace in which students can establish and manage their own company. The overall winning team is calculated based on overall profits. We will invite 100 excellent teams from regional business simulations to participate. As well, we will invite economic specialists, corporate executives and business leaders to share their opinions toward business and career. The social event is provided on the third night to enhance communication among students.
ASDAN All-Star Competition is the China trial of YES (Young Entrepreneur Success). Gold/Silver/Bronze winners of All-Star Competition have the chance to be invited to America for free participation. They can take 6-week online educational class and present business ideas to compete for up to $30,000 startup funding.

Your Way UP!


Regional Round

All-Star Competition

Business Simulation Final(WYEF)

Regional Business Simulation
2019.9 - 2020.6

2 Days(Weekends)

Sign up your team or as an individual and take part as many times as you wish


2020 Winter Holiday

4 Days

Top 60% of Regional Business Simulations


2020 Summer Holiday

5 Days

Top 3 winners of Regional Business Simulation and award winners of the All-Star Competition


opportunity to go to the US Silicon Valley for Roadshow

6 weeks online educational experience

get close to100+ Silicon investors and entrepreneurs

compete for up to $30,000startup funding

VIP Business
Keynote Speaker

Economic Lecture

Carreer Planing

Social Event



Morning Registration Roadshow 1 Presentation

  • HR Recruitment

Operation Round 2 Operation Round 3

Operation Round 4

Operation Round 5

Roadshow 2 Presentation

  • Product Display and Marketing

Roadshow 3 Introduction

  • Initial Public Offering
Roadshow 3 Presentation

  • Initial Public Offering

Operation Round 8

Afternoon Opening Ceremony

Rules & Procedure Introduction

Teamwork:Name your Company

Roadshow 1 Introduction

  • HR Recruitment
Roadshow 2 Introduction

  • Product Display and Marketing


Roadshow 2 Preparation

Operation Round 6

Operation Round 7

Roadshow 3 Preparation

Closing Ceremony
Evening Test Round Q&A

Operation Round 1

Roadshow 1 Preparation

Economic Lecture

  • Challenges and Development of Chinese Economy

Career Planning

  • Career Development of Financial Elites

Mystery Carnival

Social Event

* This is a sample agenda.


ASDAN BS ASDAN Points allocation

  Gold Silver Bronze Top Traders Top Presenters Certificate Award
Regional Round 4 3 2 1 1 0.5
All-Star 8 6 4 2 2 1
BS Final 12 9 6 3 3


  • Gold Award:1st Place
  • Silver Award:Top 10%
  • Bronze Award:Top 20%
  • Best Entrepreneur Award
  • Brand Award
  • IPO Award
  • Top Trading Teams

Semi-annual Ranking(after All - Star)

• Champion:1 team (ASDAN Scholarship: 6000 RMB per student)

• Second-place:2 teams (ASDAN Scholarship: 4000 RMB per student)

• Third-place:3 teams (ASDAN Scholarship: 2000 RMB per student)

Notes:ASDAN scholarship is not paid in cash, it can be used as a deduction for ASDAN programs (MINI MBA & Key Steps). For detailed information, please log in:

YES! Program

BizWorld's YES! Program empowers the next generation of aspiring teen entrepreneurs as they explore, test, and launch their businesses. Through 3-step program, students will create a business plan using online educational course, participate in Accelerator Program, and compete for up to $30,000 start-up funding.

ASDAN All-Star Competition is the China trial of Young Entrepreneur Success. Gold/Silver/Bronze winners of All-Star Competition have the chance to be invited to America for free participation of YES Program.

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