Become a Business Elite - From Angel Financing to IPO.

Feb, 11th -14th 2019, Shanghai

Attend Professional Workshops and Interactive Business Sessions
Acquire ASDAN Points to Enhance Your Competitiveness for University Application Abroad
Win Authoritative Awards & More than 100,000 RMB in ASDAN Scholarships



ASDAN All-Star Competition is a virtual marketplace in which students can establish and manage their own company. The overall winning team is calculated based on overall profits. We will invite 100 excellent teams from regional business simulations to participate. As well, we will invite economic specialists, cooperate executives and business leaders to share their opinions toward business and career. You can also take part in the training for Waltz or business etiquette. The social event is provided on the third night to enhance communication among students.

Way UP!

How? Who?

Regional Business Simulation

All-Star Competition

Business Simulation Final (WYEF)

At Partnering Schools
2018.9 - 2019.6

2 days, a weekend
Sign up your team or as an individual and take part as many times as you wish


2019 Winter Holidays

4 days
ASDAN Award recipients of Regional Business


2019 Summer Holidays

4 days
Top 3 winners of Regional Business Simulation and of the All-Star Competition


All-Star Competition Key Information


Oct 18 - Jan 19:  Registration
Dec 18 -Jan 19:  Volunteer Recruiment
Feb 19:  Competition Starts!


Only students who have participated in regional business simulations (Senior - Top 60% & Junior - Top 40%) are invited to participate.

Each team should have 6 to 8 students involved.

Business Speakers
Waltz Training
Social Event
Career Planning
Economic Lecture
LIBF Academic Training
Business Etiquette Session
Authoritative Certificate


Experience the Whole Process of Enterprise Development

Proposed Agenda

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Morning Registration Economic Lecture

  • Challenges and Development of Chinese Economy

Operation Round 1

Career Plannig

  • Career Development of Financial Elites

Operation Round 4

Project 1 Presentation

  • Angel Round Financing
Financial Training

  • LIBF Acadamic Training

Initial Public Offering(IPO)

Operation Round 7
Afternoon Registration Operation Round 2

Project 2 Introduction:

  • Product Display and Marketing

Operation Round 3

Operation Round 5

Project 2 Presentation

  • Product Display and Marketing

Project 3 Introduction

  • Initial Public Offering

Operation Round 6

Closing Ceremony
Evening Opening Ceremony
Discuss your Team Strategy
Test Round

Project 1 Introduction:

  • Angel Round Financing

  • Business Etiquette
  • Waltz Traning
Social Event

ASDAN Points & Ranking

ASDAN BS ASDAN Points allocation for High School

  Gold Silver Bronze Participation
Regional 4 3 2 0.5
All - Star 8 6 4 1
BS Final 12 9 6 2

ASDAN BS ASDAN Points allocation for Middle School

  Gold Silver Bronze Participation
Regional 2 1.5 1 0.5
All - Star 4 3 2 0.5
BS Final 6 4.5 3 1

1.Team Ranking:

Each team member's score of the business simulation will be summed up to calculate the total score of the group. Each team can participate in regional competition and All - Star competition several times.

Only the invited teams can be qualied to participate in the BS Final. (Teams who win first, second and third places in regional and All -Star competitions will be invited).

*ASDAN scholarships are not to be paid in cash. It can be used to participate in ASDAN MINI MBA program.

2. All Star Ranking (Semi Annual Ranking)

Champion: 1 Team
ASDAN Scholarship*: 6000 RMB each student

2nd Place: 2 Teams
ASDAN Scholarship*: 4000 RMB each student

3rd Place: 3 Teams
ASDAN Scholarship*: 2000 RMB each student