UK Quiz Bowl

Originated in the University of Oxford and Supported by G5 University

Originated in the Oxford University and supported by G5 University
Facing the world's outstanding college students and high school students
4 People in a team with comprehensive multi-disciplinary knowledge competition
China national round and Global finals are run by the Oxford presidium
Champion team in the national round can compete with global teams

About UK Quiz Bowl

UK Quiz Bowl was set up in 2018 as the official governing body of the fast-growing game of Quiz Bowl in the UK. Quiz Bowl has been around for a number of years in this country and has been increasing its popularity, partly as a result of the success of people who play Quiz Bowl on the TV show "University Challenge" which was first put on the screen in 1962. Once launched, it has attracted a lot of attention, and many of the competitors have achieved success in their future career.

In 2020, UKQB and Asdan China have reached a strategic cooperation in order to jointly promote Quiz Bowl in China. And the most experienced team in the UK Quiz Bowl will operate regional and national competitions with Asdan China.

Supproting Schools

Since its establishment, UK Quiz Bowl has been recognized by top universities in the UK and has set up associations in schools to promote the project. Among them, University of Oxford , University of Cambridge and Imperial College London are the core units. Most of the members of the Council come from these three universities, and many competitions have been organized in these member universities. Supporting schools include:

UK Quiz Bowl


The topics of UK Quiz Bowl include literature, history, science, art, philosophy, religion, mythology, social sciences, popular culture, and others (any of the above, or cross category issues)







Social Sciences



* The number of questions in each round is not fixed and will change with the competition.

Qualification Model

Qualifier Round
Qualifier Round
  • Qualification Models:4 players in a team
  • Participation Forms:Online / Offline
  • Language:English
  • Participation Requirement:Each student needs a computer (or mobile phone) that can be connected to the Internet
  • Team Quiz Bowl
  • Objective questions, 30-40 questions,all teams will be in a classroom (or online meeting room) to answer questions
  • The moderator reads the question, and all teams can answer it within the specified time. The team that gives the correct answer in the shorter time gets the higher score
  • Team Challenge
  • Objective questions, 80-100 questions, each two teams in a branch field, one-on-one competition
  • The moderator of the Oxford, Cambridge and G5 University will preside over each session, and the moderator will read the questions
  • Team Challenge is composed of tossup and bonus questions; Tossup is answered by individual team members and the team can continue to answer 3 bonus questions if answered correctly. Bonus questions adopt the promotion system. If students get the correct answer, then it continues, and no points will be deducted if the answer is wrong. If the team answers tossup incorrectly before the topic is finished, points will be deducted
  • Date:
  • December 19, 2020 (deadline for registration: December 5,2020)
  • Award:
  • All students can get the entry certificate (Electronic version)
  • The top 60% students in the regional round can get the winning prize in the regional round (Electronic version)
  • Agenda:
9:30-10:00 Opening Ceremony
10:00-12:00 Team Quiz Bowl
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
13:00-16:00 Team Challenge
China National Round
China National Round
  • Qualification Model:4 players in a team
  • Participation Form:Online
  • Language:English
  • Date:February 20, 2021 - February 21, 2021
  • Participation Requirements: Each student is supposed to prepare a computer (or mobile phone) with internet access
  • Team Warm-up
  • Team Quiz Bowl
  • Team Challenge
  • Scoring Scheme:
  • The results of Team Quiz Bowl and Team Challenge will add up, and the top 4 will move to Semi final. And if Semi-final wins, then advance to the final
  • Award:
  • One national champion, one runner up and one second runner up team will each get a prize cup and certificate (the champion can be promoted to the global round)
  • The top 30% of the national teams can win a prize (Electronic-certificate)
  • Agenda:
Morning Afternoon Night
Day 1 Opening Ceremony / Team Warm-up Team Quiz Bowl Team Strategy Discussion
Day 2 Team Challenge Semi-final / Finals Closing Ceremony
Global Round
Global Round
The 2021 UK Quiz Bowl Global Round will be held online in March 2021. The champion team of the final in the National Round (if unable to participate, the runner up and the second runner up in turn) will participate in UK Quiz Bowl free of charge and compete with global teams.

Preparation Reminder


1、Read widely, read as much as possible, and learn by the topic

2、Organize teams as soon as possible, to fully understand each other's strengths

3、Practice with team members, based on reasonable division of labor in the team, and find the answer strategy

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