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Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Date: 14 -16 August 2020


MITMUNC is a premier Model UN conference in which students from all over the world come together to solve the most pressing issues facing society today. Every February, over hundreds of high school students from different corners of the globe will come together at MIT’s internationally recognized campus to participate in MITMUNC. MITMUNC China will be run by talented MIT undergraduate students who, apart from their diverse academic and extracurricular endeavors, are interested in fueling the conversations that will lead towards the solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

Aug 14th -16th,2020




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Welcome to MITMUNC China 2020

Dear Delegate,

It is our utmost pleasure and distinct privilege to cordially invite you to the fourth annual edition of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC) China. Normally held in the magnificent city of Shanghai, MITMUNC China is adapting to unprecedented times by bringing you a virtual conference. It is our greatest priority to ensure the safety of our staff and delegates in addition to leveraging modern technologies to maximize accessibility for a diverse audience.

MITMUNC China marks an important cornerstone in the history of MITMUNC as our first conference series taking place outside of the United States. MITMUNC China 2020 is a multi day conference taking place on August 14-16. It is an unparalleled opportunity to meet and collaborate with other bright, motivated high school students from all over China. Students will engage in cultural exchange, practice negotiating and compromising through structured debate, and work together and innovate to solve the pressing issues of today and the future. We are excited to offer six committees, all with interesting and relevant topics that range from technologically to socially focused, transporting you from the special international task force responding to the disparate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to the private conference rooms of Alibaba. We are very grateful for the help of ASDAN China, our generous partner who is co-hosting this conference along with us.

Thank you, and I hope you will decide to join us for MITMUNC China 2020. See you there!

Ting Li


Sarah Quraishi


Why MITMUNC China?

Broaden students' horizons in international politics and economics

Develop public speaking, debating, reading and research skills

Make new friends from all over the world

Winners are invited to the United States to participate in the 2021 MITMUNC

2020 Committees

Addressing Global Health and Security Issues for a Better World

World Health Organization

Combatting the Increase of Antimicrobial Resistance
Detecting and Curing Cancer Threats

This year, the World Health Organization will tackle two very important and prevalent topics that are affecting individuals throughout the world. We will work to find innovative strategies and solutions to prevent and combat the increase of antimicrobial resistance, which threatens to invalidate the effectiveness of very important medications for deadly illnesses due to continued virus and bacteria mutations. We will also work to combat one of the deadliest diseases in the world: cancer. The committee will have the task of finding new effective ways of detecting and curing cancer threats before they become too advanced to cure.

COVID-19 Task Force

International supply chain management and monetary policy for small businesses
Long term solutions for pandemic readiness (aka second wave)

One of the most relevant and obviously essential committees added this year, the COVID-19 task force, has a special purpose: talking about the future. Moving forward from the unfortunate pandemic, which invariably taught the world important lessons, we need careful planning for all scales of economic and health and academic downfalls experienced. Take upon yourselves, able delegates and bearers of the future, to improve this pandemic's aftermath, building an infrastructure of policies by taking little steps. And remember, past mistakes often account for a majority of the future planning, the crucial step being the designation of what is to be called as a mistake.

Alibaba Board of Directors

Preserving the supply chain in a global recession
Protecting retail banking, Alipay, in a recession

An exciting new committe this year, the Alibaba Board of Directors will address how to best strategize and position the company for a successful future given the impending global reccession. Delegates will specifically address the best way to support workers and communities and preserve the supply chain in a recession, as well as how to preserve the strength of the banking arm of Alibaba.

United Nations Security Council

Negotiating a Solution for the Venezuelan Crisis
Outlining a Path to Long-Term Peace in Yemen

The UNSC maintains international security and peace by investigating and mediating global conflicts. This year's first focus is to resolve the crisis in Venezuela which involves politcal and economic instability, mass emigrartion, and a defective healthcare system. The second focus is to mitigate the civil war in Yemen between a Saudi-backed coalition and Houthi rebels as well as its refugee crisis, which together make it the current largest humanitarian crisis.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Strengthening Cybersecurity in ASEAN Member-State Governments
Rising Sea Levels and Strengthening of Typhoons in Southeast Asia

ASEAN is a specialized body devoted to discussing all things Southeast Asia, particularly focusing on finding multilateral and innovative solutions to challenges that many nations in the region are facing. This year, ASEAN will focus on two important topics: increasing cyberterrorism and a need for cybersecurity action; and rising sea levels and strengthening of typhoons in Southeast Asia.

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Addressing Child and Forced Labor across Asia
Developing Technology and Infrastrutcure for Sustainable Development and Natural Disaster Response

Across the People's Repulic of China and many Asian nations, many children and vulnerable individuals are forced into poor working conditions which violate many human rights and safety protocols. In some cases, these nations do not have the proper laws or protections against such labor conditions. ESCAP will focus on improving the rights and conditions of workers in Asia who suffer from such violations. Additionally, a large sector of Asia-- mainly southeast Asia-- suffers from very severe natural disasters, including (but not limited to) monsoons, flooding, earthquakes, and landslides. Given that many Asian states lack the infrastructure to fully mitigate the destrcutive impacts of these disasters, ESCAP will also convene to discuss improving and leveraging technology across Asia aimed to deal with such natural disasters.

2020 Presidium

Sarah Quraishi has been a part of MITMUNC as a chair, Director of Public Relations, Director-General, and now Secretary-General. Outside of academics, she is part of the Lightweight Women's Rowing Team, Vice President of Community Relations for Pi Beta Phi sorority, and a member of Sustainable Energy Alliance. Sarah enjoys singing and traveling in her free time.

Sarah Quraishi

MIT,Finance,Mechanical Engineering

Sohini Kar is a part of several organizations at MIT, including the Machine Intelligence Committee, Women Business Leaders, and the College of Computing Student Advisory Group. She has been a part of MITMUNC for two years. In her free time, she likes to paint, read, travel, and listen to music.

Sohini Kar

MIT,Computer Science

Ting Li spent the past year reading political philosophy at the University of Oxford. She was born in Beijing and currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Outside of MITMUNC, she is involved in a sorority, a startup, and a business club. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, reading, and traveling.


MIT, Computer Science, Business Management

Diane Zhang is a rising sophomore from Westchester County, NY studying Computer Science and Molecular Biology as well as potentially Spanish. She is part of a Design for America sustainability team and does bioinformatics research at MIT. Diane likes to read, play the violin and tennis, hike, and ski in the winter.

Diane Zhang

MIT,Computer Science,Molecular Biology

Stuti Khandwala is a rising sophomore from India studying Computer Science and Molecular Biology and possibly Chemistry. She participated in Model UN since high school. She is a bio-maniac and is currently working on the Coronavirus genome structure. She is highly involved in research across diverse departments at MIT. Stuti likes to randomly chat with family and stream cooking videos in her spare time.

Stuti Khandwala

MIT, Computer Science,Molecular Biology

Karunya Sethuraman graduated from MIT in May. She has participated both as a delegate and as a chair in conferences and organized MITMUNC at MIT, holding the position of Secretary-General for two years. On campus, she was part of a sorority, Pi Beta Phi, and ProjX, a club that funds student projects. Karunya likes to listen to music, read, and travel.


MIT,Computer Science
Red, White, and Blue, but only one star. These colors represent the flags of the two islands that make up Jorge's cultural identity: Puerto Rico and Cuba. While his cultural and ethnic origins might be what define him the most, his passions and hobbies are a close second. Jorge's most important passions, however, are tennis and Model UN. Since 9th grade, he has been an active member of his high school’s Model UN club to the point where he was its president during his junior and senior years. Thanks to MITMUNC, he will be able to pursue his Model UN passion.

Jorge Perez


Daniela Velez is a rising sophomore studying Computer Science with a minor in Urban Studies and Planning. She has been involved in Model UN for the past five years, also serving on staff at NHSMUN in New York and MEI (Model Economic Institutions) in Madrid. She is also on exec for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, involved in entrepreneurship and CSAIL research, and part of the piano program. In her free time, she loves to zoom with friends, read, listen to music, and play tennis and basketball.

Daniela Velez

MIT,Computer Science
Derek Velez is a rising junior studying Computer Science in addition to Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science. He is originally from Puerto Rico but lives in Miami, Florida. He is a part of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the Weather Forecasting Club, and has been a part of MITMUNC since January. He also partitcipated in MUN his senior year of high school, when the club began. He also loves hanging out with friends, listening to music, playing video games, and learning new languages in his free time and is currently learning Korean.

Derek Velez

MIT,Computer Science

Isy Osubor is a rising senior studying Mechanical Engineering with a double minor in Literature and Business Management. She is an international student from Nigeria and spends much of her time with the African Students Association and performing with the Afro-Carribean dance group on campus, Sakata Afrique. She is also the head of recruitment for her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta and loves spending time in her sorority house. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends, and exercising

Isy Osubor

MIT,Mechanical Engineering

Octavio Vega is a rising junior at MIT. He previously served as chair of MITMUNC's Disarmament and International Security Committee as well as Secretary-General. He is also a staff writer for the Harvard International Review, president of the Arab Student organization, Chief Financial Officer for the MIT Sustainable Energy Alliance, and Vice-President of Maseeh Hall. Octavio loves exploring, learning, going on adventures, hanging out with friends, reading, and the Avengers.

Octavio Vega


Conference Dates

Time: 14th-16th August 2020 Language: English

July 31 All         day:   Distribution of Background Guides and training packages
 August 5 19:00-21:00:MIT IDEA HACKATHON "YUN" meeting,online topic interaction and discussion
 August 6 19:00-21:00:Starting: How to write position paper
 August 8 All          day:  Position paper first review
 August 11 All          day:  Submit the position paper
 August 12 19:00-21:00:Cross debate
 August 13 19:00-21:00:Training
 August 14 09:00-09:15:Registration
09:15-12:30:Opening Ceremony&Ice breaking&Committee Session 1
13:00-18:00:Committee Session 2&3
19:00-22:00:MIT Virtual Tour
 August 15 09:00-12:30:Committee Session 4
13:00-15:30:Committee Session 5
15:30-18:00:Committee Session 6
19:00-22:00:Talent Show
 August 16 09:00-12:00:Committee Session 7
12:00-12:30:Awarding Ceremony



Each committee will present the following awards:

Best Delegate: 1 delegate
Best Position Paper: 1 delegate
Outstanding Delegate: 4 delegates
Honorable Mention: 5 delegates

All delegates will receive:

Certificate of Completion from MITMUNC CHINA

Winners will be invited to:

United States to participate in the 2020 MITMUNC



1. You can register here.
2. After your registration to MITMUNC China has been confirmed, you will receive an email with more information to complete payment.


30th July 2020
*Background guides will be released on July 30th, and please keep in mind that the deadline for position paper is August 5th.

For scholarship opportunities, refer to the MITMUNC Website for application.
MITMUNC Webiste:

Refund policy

1.After registration and payment, if any students withdraw before 15th July, 20% of delegate fee will be refund.
2.After registration and payment, if any students withdraw from 16th July – 30th July we will provide 50% refund of delegate fee.
3.From 31st July, all the application for refunding are not acceptable.


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