Hosted by the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC)

Canada's premier national chemistry competition mainly for middle school students

Stimulate competitors' enthusiasm for chemistry

Date: 12th December, 2020 (Saturday) 10:00-11:30am (90min)


The Junior Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (JCCO) is one of the most well-known competitions for middle students hosted by Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC). The Junior Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (JCCO) is an annual event that aims to promote interest in chemistry amongst students grade 8-11. Participation in the Canadian Chemistry Olympiad is a tremendous experience and it is also a unique opportunity to travel and meet fellow students from around the world who have similar interests.

ASDAN China (ADSAN Academy) is partnering with the RSC to bring the UK Chemistry Olympiad to Chinese students from 2019. We aim to offer Chinese students who have passion in Chemistry more opportunities to develop their chemistry knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Competition Rules


English & Chinese


12th December, 2020 (Saturday) 10:00-11:30am (90min)


grade 8-11 students


Individual written test


25 multiple choice questions


Balancing reactions, Calculation of molar mass , Concentrations, pH, Ideal gas, Basic Thermodynamics, Basic Kinetics, Basic Organic chemistry


• Online (exam computer or phone must be equipped with a camera)
• Exam Centers across China


Global Awards:
For judging the global awards, Canadian competitors will be ranked first by their overall scores in the top 10%, creating boundaries for the global awards. Competitors from other countries are not ranked together with their Canadian competitors, but are compared by the same boundaries.
National Awards:

  • Gold: Top 10%
  • Silver: Top 25%
  • Bronze: Top 35%
  • Regional Honorable awards: Regional top 20%

Registration Details


Includes the exam, proctor fee, grading, past-papers and one online mock exam (ASDAN doesn't provide any trainings)
Online mock exam will be open 24 hours after registration deadline

Registration deadline

29th November, 2020 (Exam center)
6th December, 2020 (Online)

Exam Center



If, for some reason, the student is unable to attend after paying the fee, please contact us. If you apply before the registration deadline, 25% of the registration fee will be deducted as academic materials and service fees. If you apply after the registration deadline, no refund will be given.

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