North American most influential competition on campus

Supported by leading academic institution - Canadian Mathematical Society

Over 160,000 participants from more than 29 countries each year

6 levels suitable for students from grade 1 to grade 12

6 rounds per Caribou Cup with global instant ranking

Duration:October, 2020 - May, 2021(Online)


Caribou Contests is a global online math competition sponsored by the famous Canadian mathematics professor Thomas Wolf and officially supported by the Canadian Mathematical Society. The competition does not focus on “difficult” questions, but rather stimulates students' interest in mathematics through the “interactive” novel and interesting questions, and improves students' problem-solving skills. Since its inception, the Caribou Contest has quickly become popular in 29 countries around the world. Every year, 160,000 candidates in grades 1-12 compete on the same stage, ranking globally. Another feature of the Caribou Contest is that it is a point game. It provides 6 monthly exams in May of the coming year of October, and selects 5 best scores for rankings. It is an extension of the school math interest community activities and mathematics extracurricular activities. Learning provides a good platform. In 2019, ASDAN China (ASDAN Academy) became the China Organizing Committee Office of the Caribou Contest, providing Chinese students with an opportunity to learn from global students.
In 2020, more than 5,000 Chinese students have participated in Caribou Contests.

Interactive Questions

Different from traditional math contests, Caribou Contests prepare many fascinating interactive questions to stimulate students' interest in math and improve their problem-solving ability.
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Competition Rules


English / Chinese / French(Choose a language)


There are six levels:

  • A - Primary (Years 1-2)
  • B - Middle Primary (Years 3–4)
  • C - Upper Primary (Years 5–6)
  • D - Junior (Years 7–8)
  • E - Intermediate (Years 9–10)
  • F - Senior (Years 11–12)

Note: Students can choose to challenge the level test above their grade level and do not allow students to choose a level below their grade level.


Round 1:14th October,2020
Round 2:11th November,2020
Round 3:13th January,2021
Round 4:10th February,2021
Round 5:7th April,2021
Round 6:5th May,2021
A total of 6 rounds, 50 minutes per round, of which 5 rounds of best scores add up to the final Caribou Cup final score.


• Online
• Exam Centers across China


Personal machine test

Scoring System

A - Primary:
A total of 9 questions, 1-3 questions, 3 points; 4-6 questions,4 points; 7-9 questions, 5 points
B - Middle Primary:
A total of 12 questions, 1-4 questions, 3 points; 5-8 questions,4 points; 9-12 questions, 5 points
C - Upper Primary:
15 questions, 1-5 questions, 3 points, 6-10 questions, 4 points, 11-15 questions, 5 points
D - Junior:
A total of 15 questions, 1-5 questions each question 3 points, 6-10 questions each question 4 points, 11-15 questions each question 5 points
E - Intermediate:
15 questions, 1-5 questions, 3 points, 6-10 questions, 4 points, 11-15 questions, 5 points
F - Senior:
12 questions, 1-4 questions, 3 points, 5-8 questions, 4 points, 9-12 questions, 5 points
(Note: Subject to actual exam.)


Global awards

  • Certificate with global ranking percentage
  • Students will be able to understand the global, China, province, and school rankings for each round of exams after the exam. The sample certificate is as follows:



Includes 6 exam, certificate fee, proctor fee (ASDAN doesn't provide any trainings)


2nd April, 2021

Academic training materials

Provide sample questions for practice, and the real questions need to be purchased online.

sample question

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Exam Centers



If, for some reason, the student is unable to attend after paying the fee, please contact us. If you apply before the registration deadline, 25% of the registration fee will be deducted as academic materials and service fees. If you apply after the registration deadline, no refund will be given.

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