The most competitive national physics competition in the UK

Top students from UK and China compete together for the top awards

Win advantages to apply for science majors in top universities

Opportunity to be invited to the British Physics Camp in China

Date:14th November, 2020 (Saturday) ,14:00-16:40 pm(160 min)


The British Physics Olympiad is a charitable trust overseen by a committee of trustees. It was initiated in 1979,and has been used as a qualifier for selection into the UK Physics Team for the International Physics Olympiad from 1983. The BPhO is hosted by University of Oxford, the Institute of Physics (IOP), and the Odgen Trust with offices located in the physics department of the University of Oxford. All problems are proof-based, so students will need to apply a large range of knowledge, and can choose which question to answer. Top British candidates will have the opportunities to be chosen for the national team.

ASDAN China (ASDAN Academy) and the British Physics Olympiad committee are working together to bring the competition to China from 2016. Chinese and British students will compete together for the top 3 awards. Please note that Chinese students can not represent the UK national team. However, awarded students will have the chance to participate in the British Physics Olympiad Camp (China).
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Supported Organizations


The University of Oxford

Institute of Physics (IOP)



Event and training

The University of Cambridge

The University of Oxford

National Physical Laboratory

Texas Instrument

Competition Rules




14th November, 2020 (Saturday) ,14:00-16:40 pm (160 min)

Qualifying Students

High school students


Individual written test (no experiments)


Proof-based problems

Exam problems

Two sets of problems; Section 1 and Section 2

  • Section 1: 15 problems scored with 3-10 points according to the level of difficulty. The overall score is 94 points, but competitors only need to answer problems which total 50 (if competitors answer problems totaling more than 50 points, then points from incorrect answers will be ignored and points from correct answers will be added together for a maximum score of 50 points).
  • Section 2: 5 problems with several questions for each. Each problem is worth 25 points and different questions will have different points. Competitors only need to choose 2 problems to solve.
  • The maximum score for the British Physics Olympiad is 100 points.

The British Physics Olympiad committee focuses on the logic of solving the problem, so for each problem competitors need to give detailed steps proving their answers. If competitors only show the correct answer without their working out, they will not be awarded any points. If competitors write the incorrect answer, but show correct proofs, then they will be awarded points according to the detail of steps shown.

Exam locations

Exam Centers across China (check and choose exam center after registration)

All papers will be returned to the UK, and coaches will grade them.
Global awards:
  • Top Gold
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze Ⅰ
  • Bronze Ⅱ


Registration Deadline

  • 1st November, 2020 (Exam Center)
  • 8th November, 2020 (Online)

Registration Step

Click here to register.


British Physics Olympiad Camp (China)

The Camp aims to develop future physicists by offering different experiment-based learning opportunities. These activities will increase students' interest for exploring physics further. The camp will help improve their key skills in learning physics, such as observation and logical thinking skills. Head coaches from the UK will bring in the most updated learning materials and teaching methods to China. Most are experienced physics professors from top universities such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, as well as head teachers from top high schools. We believe this will become one of the most unique physics learning experiences for students in China.

Exam Centers

Award List

Sample Problems


1、Can the students bring a calculator to BPhO?
Students can use calculators, but not programmable calculators (ones which include 'solve' or 'integration' functions or the display shows more than 3 lines)
2、Can the students bring a dictionary to BPhO?

The students can bring a printed version dictionary.

3、Refund policy
If, for some reason, the student is unable to attend after paying the fee, please contact us. If you apply before the registration deadline, 25% of the registration fee will be deducted as academic materials and service fees. If you apply after the registration deadline, no refund will be given.
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