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2018 dates will be updated soon


MITMUNC is a premier Model UN conference in which students from all over the world come together to solve the most pressing issues facing society today. Every February, over hundreds of high school students from different corners of the globe will come together at MIT’s internationally recognized campus to participate in MITMUNC. MITMUNC China will be run by talented MIT undergraduate students who, apart from their diverse academic and extracurricular endeavors, are interested in fueling the conversations that will lead towards the solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

  • Sponsor:ASDAN China
  • Ulink College of Shanghai
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC)
  • Time: 25 - 27 August 2017 (Friday - Sunday)
  • Location: Ulink College of Shanghai ( Shanghai)
  • Language: English
  • Official Website:

Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear Advisors and Delegates,

It is my distinct honor and privilege to invite you to the very first iteration of the annual Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Model United Nations Conference in China!

MITMUNC is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s premier Model United Nations conference for high school students, organized and ran in its entirety by many talented M.I.T. undergraduate students who, apart from their diverse academic and extracurricular endeavors, are interested in fueling the conversations that will lead towards the solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. This year, we are pleased and very excited to co-host our first conference chapter in China, with our enthusiastic co-host, ASDAN China.

MITMUNC China was conceived out of a desire to expand our homegrown conference’s international presence and reach to eager high school students. MITMUNC China will introduce students to the rewarding challenges of research, policy-making, and presentation. At its core, MITMUNC China’s mission strongly resonates with M.I.T.’s recently launched Campaign for a Better World, pushing delegates to use education, research, and innovation with a passion for serious impact.

Throughout their time at MITMUNC China, delegates will learn about different countries, territories, and cultures, and be tasked with peacefully negotiating and debating upon the controversial array of social, economic, and even scientific and technological dilemmas that inhibit long-term growth in the world.

I hope that you can join us in this exciting endeavor: the entire MITMUNC China staff and I look forward to hosting you in the summer!

William A. Rodriguez

MITMUNC China Secretary General

William A. Rodriguez

MIT Computer Science, Economics

MITMUNC China Secretary General

Why MITMUNC China?

Broaden students' horizons in international politics and economics

Develop public speaking, debating, reading and research skills

Make new friends from all over the world

Outstanding delegates will gain
ASDAN Leadership Awards

Winners are invited to the United States to participate in the 2018 MITMUNC

2017 Committees

Open Borders, Technology, and International Peace & Cooperation

Committee Brief Committee Brief

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Syrian Conflict
Ongoing Development of Cyberwarfare

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The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is one of the United Nation's most vital bodies. As one main General Assembly committees, it is a somewhat larger version of the UN Security Council since it consists of all member nations of the UN and is concerned primarily with the maintenance of international peace and security. At MITMUNC China, DISEC will be tackling two extremely relevant and important issues: the Syrian Civil War and the proliferation of cyberwarfare weapons. Each of these topics is a serious concern of debate in international diplomacy, and attendees will have the opportunity to design real solutions to these very real problems as delegates of DISEC.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Global Trade and the Asean Community
ASEAN as a Sociocultural Organization

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At MITMUNC ASEAN, we will discuss issues that affect the world on a global scale, while focusing on effects in southeast Asia and specific solutions that could be applied to the region. We will aim to cover two topics: Infrastructure and Development in ASEAN Nations and Cyber Security in ASEAN Member State Governments. We look forward to three days of energetic debate along with the solutions that we will develop together. In this committee, delegates will learn how to think outside the box, taking into account the big picture- We will deconstruct long term consequences to come up with short term strategies to promote economic growth within ASEAN member nations and the other nations they are linked to.

World Health Organization
Distribution of Pharmaceuticals to Developing Nations
The Diminishment of Lake Chad

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Modern healthcare practices around the world rely on effective disease treatment through the usage of pharmaceuticals and physical medication with varying costs. Unfortunately, one-third of developing countries cannot obtain medicine on a regular basis due to financial constraints, affecting the consistency of healthcare delivery, especially with the economically disadvantaged. This committee will explore the issues surrounding effective healthcare in the developing world.
As a second topic, we will explore the predicament currently affecting Lake Chad. Covering over a land mass of 25,000 square kilometers, Lake Chad, once the third largest body of water in Africa, is a center of trade and culture among the populations of the Northern and Southern Sahara. In the past decades, however, Lake Chad has experienced drastic dehydration, being reduced to less than 90% of its original size.
This committee will focus on feasible methods to tackle both of these topics from the perspective of the World Health Organization. We will address controversial issues ranging from intellectual property rights, compulsory licensing, and pharmaceutical innovation to malnutrition, inefficient water management, and public security. Moreover, we will explore relevant topics that the delegates may propose.

Special Political and Decolonization Committee
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Mine Action in Myanmar

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As one of the six main committees of the United Nations General Assembly, the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL), also known as the United Nations General Assembly Fourth Committee, deals with global issues including decolonization, peacekeeping, human rights, and public information.
At MITMUNC China, SPECPOL will discuss two pertinent international controversies: the Arab-Israeli Conflict, which delves into the definitions of sovereignty and peoplehood as they relate to land rights, and Mine Action in Myanmar/Burma, which focuses on solving many different technological and humanitarian facets of the single problem of mine removal in former war-torn areas.

European Union
Brexit, Populism, Financial Crisis and Debt, The Threat of Terrorism

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The European Union is an integral policy-making body of a conglomerate of European nations and knowledge of how it works will help you to better understand world politics. Together, we will discuss issues ranging from the consequences of the Brexit referendum to the ongoing threat of terrorism in Europe and how it ties to the phenomenon of populism. You will be presented with a unique opportunity to actively engage in important topics surrounding European politics and will leave this conference having taken an extra step towards becoming a truly global citizen. We look forward to working with you and are very excited to welcome you to MITMUNC China’s European Union committee.

International Monetary Fund
Reducing Income Inequality
Promoting Biodiversity in Developing Nations

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization chartered under the United Nations to promote and facilitate international trade and reduce the effects of global economic inequality. Historically, the IMF has operated as a lending agency to countries in need, most recently aiding the bailout efforts in Greece and Ukraine. The goal of the committee in the first installment of MITMUNC CHINA is to prepare and expose delegates to the global economic climate and how best to solve today's challenges. Striking a balance between appeasing larger, financially stable member states while also securing appropriate aid for countries most needing it is a tricky problem that delegates will tackle throughout the conference. We expect delegates to bring in solutions.

2017 Presidium

Justin Gong

Majoring in Aerospace Engineering and a Minor in Political Science

Hello! My name is Justin and I am a third year student at MIT, with a major in Aerospace Engineering and a Minor in Political Science. Some of my interests are space exploration, systems design and engineering, and international politics. I am originally from New York but enjoy living in Boston and traveling as much as possible. I have been involved in Model UN since coming to MIT and have participated as both a delegate and a chair in several Model United Nations conferences around the world. I am really looking forward to being a director at this summer's MITMUNC in Shanghai!

Karunya Sethuraman

Studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

I am a rising sophomore at MIT, studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I grew up in California, and participated in Model United Nations in high school both as a delegate at various conferences, and as a chair at my high school’s Model UN conference. Some of my favorite Model UN committees dealt with economic and social issues, and I hope that this one will come to be one of your favorites! At MIT, I am part of the sorority Pi Beta Phi, MITMUNC, the MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players, a musical theater group, and research how to prevent scale formation on surfaces. My other interests include learning new languages, traveling, reading, and quilting. If you have questions about MIT, college, or Model UN, I’d be happy to talk to you! I hope you’re ready for three exciting days of debate!

Amro Alshareef

Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Robotics

Hello,I'm Amro Alshareef and I will your chair this year for the World Health Organization committee. I am a rising sophomore at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Robotics. I participated in my high school Model United Nations team for the previous four years, and so I am very excited to be your chair this year! At MIT I am involved in the Solar Electric Vehicle team and the Club Soccer team, as well as the Chess club and the Debate team. I am very excited to chair for this year’s first ever MITMUN China Conference!

Madeline Zhang

Computer Science

Madeline Zhang is a freshman at MIT studying Computer Science. During her high school years in California, she was extensively involved in Model United Nations as the President of her school's MUN club, winning numerous research awards and going to many conferences throughout the years. She is now the Director of Business of MITMUNC. She has a passion for political science and is very honored and excited to be acting as a Director of MITMUNC China. In her free time, she enjoys running, singing, listening to music, and binging weird TV shows.

Alexander Dimitrakakis

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

My name is Alexander Dimitrakakis and I am from Athens, Greece. I am an undergraduate at MIT studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I am interested in robotic surgery research and in the medical device field in general, in which I aspire to work in. My research currently focuses on the development of an new blood pressure imager based on visual data. Mathematics has always been one of my greatest academic interests, so in high school I took part in multiple math competitions. This inspired me to become a math tutor for high school students here at MIT. My interests outside of academia include basketball, music and debating. I have been playing basketball for over 10 years now on both competitive and recreational teams. As the CFO of MITMUNC I welcome you to the conference and hope you get the most out of this unique experience.

Arjun Mithal

Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor in Business

Dear delegates, My name is Arjun and I will shortly be entering my third year of studies at MIT. I am currently pursuing a joint degree in Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor in Business. Outside of the classroom, I am an active member of a fraternity on campus, which is a very rewarding experience. Additionally, I enjoy doing research into sports and sports analytics. I am very excited to be a part of the first edition of MITMUNC China this year and look forward to interacting with delegates and experiencing Chinese culture firsthand. I will be directing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) committee and I hope to stimulate some passionate debate about some of the world's most pressing issues. See you all in August!

Conference Dates

Time: 25-27th August 2017 (Friday - Sunday) Location: Shanghai Language: English
25th August
17:00-19:00: Students arrive
19:00-20:00: Opening ceremony by Secretary-General & Invited Speaker
20:00-22:00: 1st Committee Session
26th August
09:00-12:00: 2nd Committee Session
12:00-13:00: LUNCH
13:00-16:00: 3rd Committee Session
16:30-19:30: 4th Committee Session
20:30-21:30: Ivy League Session
27th August
09:00-12:00: Final (5th) Committee Session
12:00-13:00: LUNCH
14:00-15:00: Closing Ceremony & Awards


Each committee will present the following awards:

Best Delegate: 1 delegate

Best Position Paper: 1 delegate

Outstanding Delegate: 4 delegates

Honorable Mention: 5 delegates

All delegates will receive:

Certificate of Completion from MITMUNC CHINA

The top 40% of excellent delegates:

'Leadership Award' from ASDAN



  • Registration: Go to the official registration to register online and select your payment method.
  • Apply Offline: Call ASDAN China to ask for an application form with payment instructions.


  • August 25th - 27th: MITMUNC CHINA 2017
  • 2018 dates will be updated soon.

Refund policy

  • If you quit before 20th July 2017, 20% of the participation fee and logistics fee will be deducted and the remainder will be refunded.
  • If you quit after 20th July 2017, 75% of the participation fee and logistics fee will be deducted and the remainder will be refunded.


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    Tel: 010-84828941 / 42
  • Shanghai: A67, Unit 3, Building 6,Yangpu District
    Tel: 021-60927020
  • Shenzhen: 15 A07, Building 3, The United States and Technology Plaza, Nanshan District
    Tel: 0755-86728072
  • E-mail:

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