Oxford PPE Online Programme


Oxford PPE Online Programme Philosophy | Politics | Economics

Date: January 24th - February 5th, 2022 (break on 1.30 - 2.1)

Grade:10 - 12

Official online programme by University of Oxford | PPE — the strongest multidisciplinary major

Taught by instructors from the University of Oxford

Small class size of up to 15 students

Official certificates from the University of Oxford | Opportunity for the authoritative recommendation letter

Academic research paper | Oxford application workshop


University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university, the oldest university in the English-speaking world, and one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. Oxford has educated a wide range of notable alumni, including 28 prime ministers of the United Kingdom and many heads of state and government around the world. 72 Nobel Prize laureates, 3 Fields Medalists, and 6 Turing Award winners have studied, worked, or held visiting fellowships at the University of Oxford.

PPE Introduction

Politics, Philosophy & Economics is one of the most well-known majors at the University of Oxford. Politics, Philosophy & Economics offers students the chance to take courses from different subjects that complement each other and are related to anyone's interests. PPE is a great preparation for a wide range of graduate courses or professional training worldwide(in business, government, politics, not-for-profit organizations and beyond).

The University of Oxford is the first institution to offer a PPE degree. As one of the most well-known majors at the University of Oxford, PPE has a global acceptance rate of 8%, and it is rated as one of the top ten undergraduate majors in Oxford with the lowest acceptance rate.

Programme Introduction

Oxford PPE Online Programme is officially hosted by the University of Oxford and taught by Oxford faculties and instructors, issuing the official certificate of completion to students. Within two weeks, students can acquire broad knowledge by understanding PPE, especially economics. By the end of the programme, all the students need to finish an academic research paper, and present it to the instructors. The best-performing students will receive an authoritative recommendation letter. As the exclusive official partner of the University of Oxford PPE Online Programme in mainland China starting in 2021, ASDAN China aims to select outstanding Chinese students to participate in the programme.

Why Us

PPE is abbreviated from Philosophy, Politics and Economics. It is reputed as one of the top majors in the humanities and social sciences.


The programme is officially hosted by the University of Oxford and taught in small classes, culminating in awarding an official certificate of completion.

The University of Oxford selects and assigns excellent instructors, teaches in Oxford's traditional discussing style, stimulating students' unique perspectives and developing their ability to learn, think and criticize independently in the process. The instructor is not just a transmitter of knowledge but also a guide who can evaluate students' ideas in a focused manner, help them choose appropriate research methods, and guide them in their research and analysis.



All the students will complete a thesis within two weeks and present it to the instructors and classmates. Students will experience topic setting, literature reading, in-depth research, and academic writing, greatly enhance their educational and research skills.

Oxford application workshop will give students an insight into the Oxford application process and mock interview preparation.



Dr. Eileen Tipoe

Graduate Advisor in Economics at University of Oxford; MPhil, DPhil (Oxford); Staff Economist at CORE Economics Education
Eileen Tipoe is the designer of the Inclusive Economics course at the University of Oxford. Dr.Tipoe has been teaching undergraduate Economics since 2017, after 2019, she began to teach post-graduate students, and was once awarded the Oxford Social Sciences Divisional Teaching Excellence Award. Dr.Tipoe has published "Doing Economics," "Economy, Society, and Public Policy" on the CORE Econ platform. Her broad research area is applied microeconomics, focusing on revealed preference and welfare analysis.

Dr. Andrea Bernini

Lecturer in Economics at University of Oxford; MPhil, DPhil (Oxford); Visiting Ph.D. Fellow at Harvard University
Andrea Bernini is a lecturer in Economics at the University of Oxford, and also a consultant at the World Bank Group. Dr. Bernini has worked and conducted research for many international organizations, including Lendable, Goldman Sachs, the Bank of England, the Economic Commission of the United Nations, Deloitte, etc. His research interests lie at the intersection of political economy, econometrics, development and public economics.


Day Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5
Week 1 Intro Economics

Micro Economics

Macro Economics

Quantitative Economics


Week 2 International Economics

Philosophy of mind

International Relations 1

International Relations 2

Final Presentation
Beijing Time Contents
9:00-10:30 Bilingual TA lead students in discussing and completing projects assigned & extracurricular activity
10:30-15:00 Teamwork and assignment
16:00-18:00 /19:00-21:00 Live Course from Oxford instructors
21:15-22:15 Office Hour

*The schedule may vary depending on the University of Oxford.
*Students need to choose one of the teaching times(16:00-18:00 or 19:00-21:00)

Sample Schedule

Day Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5
Week1 Intro Economics Micro Economics


Macro Economics


Quantitative Economics




第二周 计量经济学








北京时间 周一至周五
9:00-10:30 名校双语助教带领学生进行丰富的与PPE相关的课外活动
10:30-15:00 独立调研/ 阅读与作业时间
15:00-17:00 /19:00-21:00 牛津大学教授导师直播授课




  • January 24th - February 5th, 2022 (break on 1.30 - 2.1)

Teaching Time:

  • 16:00-18:00 or 19:00-21:00 (students need to choose one of the teaching times)
  • Admission quota:15 high school students for each class; There is a limited number of vacancies, placements are assigned on a first come, first serve basis


  • 10-12
  • *For more information please contact ASDAN teachers

How to apply:

  • Students who received B or above in ASDAN EPQ or won Gold, Silver, and Bronze award from ASDAN STEM Olympic programs or awarded from ASDAN EEO National Round can be admitted directly
  • Recommendation letter from an invited Economics teacher (Each teacher can recommend up to two students)
  • Individual application need to submit English language performance (IELTS level 6.5 or TOEFL 90) and A or above in Economics

Class requirements:

  • A computer with camera and microphone; Students need to keep the camera on and wear collared shirts during the teaching time

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