Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes
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Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes Introduction AcademicContent StudentLife SampleSchedule Certificate Our Story Photos Apply Sign up My registration Edit Information Phone • East China:Miss. Huang 18321917128 • North and Northeast China:Miss. Liu 13426307315 • South and Southwest China:Mr.Fu 13811389384 • Northwest … Read More

Oxford Summer School(Middle)
Summer School

Oxford Summer School Introduction Academic Content Workshops Student Life Accommodation Certificate Teaching Faculty Our Story Application 010-84828941 Sign up One of the Most Popular Oxford Summer School ProgramsHigh calibre teachers with a strong passion in helping studentsGuest lectures from academic … Read More

New York Film Academy Summer School (Beijing)
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New York Film Academy Summer School (Beijing) About us Summary Teaching Methodology Timetable Teachers Outcomes Application Information 010-84828941 Sign up Phone • East China:Miss. Li 18611976323 • North and Northeast China:Miss. Liu 13240078275 • South and Southwest China:Mr. Tan 18600344503 … Read More