Participate in the most famous Model UN Conferences in the world

Skills Development

Valuable for University Applications

Gain 8 UCAS Points

Unique International Experience

Values for applying universities

High chance to gain AoPE Level-3 certificate Endorsed by the British Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

* The new UCAS Tariff will be used for courses starting from September 2017. Based on the new Tariff, A level grade A* Tariff changed from 140 points to 56 points. Accordingly, the ASDAN Award of Personal Effectiveness Tariff changed from 30 points to 8 points.

Apply for UK University

Achieve 8 UCAS points for applying to UK Universities


British institution (A-LEVEL)

We have full confidence in ASDAN’s educational concepts, academic value and ASDAN China’s organizational ability. We also trust that the ASDAN program will help improve the overall quality of the Chinese students and their leadership skills, helping them to stand out in their applications.

Richard Pring

Education Professor in Oxford University

I recommend the admission officers at Oxford University and at other institutions of higher learning consider the ASDAN qualification as an important standard for measuring students overall quality. ASDAN certificates come from the high quality of ASDAN’s educational experience accumulated over a number of years, and can provide strong evidence for the students’ ability to complete all their high education courses.

University of Warwick

Ranking 8

We recognize the value of ASDAN certificate; it helps students to build and develop a wide range of qualifications skills, and can be assessed in the AoPE skills module.

University of Exeter

Ranking 10

We encourage all pre-university applicants to participate in activities to develop their abilities. We welcome students with ASDAN AoPE - Level3 certificate to apply for the University of Exeter.

Apply for US University

Students will give universities an indication of the leadership and quality skills

David Leonard

Ex-professor and admission officer in Columbia University, Yale University

Universities in the US are more focused on the overall quality of the applicant besides their academic performance. The skills in ASDAN AoPE meet the standard for applying to US universities. Through my many years of recruiting experience, if Chinese students can achieve the AoPE certificate and perform well in the skills, it will no doubt be helpful for applying to universities in the US.

Value for Canada, Australia University Application

Gain the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness approved by QCA and UCAS

Professional Academic Team

Every round will be led by both international and Chinese teachers, all of whom have international experience and have been carefully trained by ASDAN on how to academically coach the students.

Intensive leadership Program

Students will develop their leadership skills through team-work projects, communicating with business leaders and locals and English presentations on their research.

Valuable for University Applications

Students can gain 8 UCAS points by recording their experience through the ASDAN portfolio. This can be used as evidence of their skills for their Personal Statement. Meanwhile, students will have the chance to visit famous universities.

An Insight into Western Economies & Businesses

Students will dive into the western business environment by visiting different types of companies. They will also get the chance to explore other businesses and institutions from financial industries to governmental organizations and world famous media institutions.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Model United Nations


2019.2.8 - 2019.2.10


ASDAN delegation visiting time
2019.2.7 - 2019.2.16 (10 Days)

This conference is hosted at MIT. Most committees consist of fewer than 30 people, giving participants more of a chance to speak and communicate with Chairs. It is a valuable experience for students who are new to MUN.

Trip Agenda

Training System

Subject Content Teaching Method Place Language
General ASDAN MUN trip Lecture In school English & Chinese
ASDAN AoPE portfolio & evidence introduction Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
UN and main organ introduction Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Model UN introduction Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Cross culture communication & US Culture introduction Lecture & interactive overseas English
Research Research Skill: how to choose a research topic and make a research plan; how to find resources and evidence Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Country Research: research basic steps; how to use resources to find country information Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Committee research: How to determine a country’s national position according to the Committee Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Topic Research: secondary research; resource collection; paper reading skills Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
MUN paper writing: Position paper writing; working paper writing; draft resolution writing Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
MUN glossary Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Public Speaking Public Speaking in MUN: presentation structure ; stage fright training; body language, eye contact, voice skill training Lecture & Simulation In school English
MUN Rules & Procedure MUN Rules & Procedures introduction Lecture In school English & Chinese
Simulation: Mini MUN conference Simulation In school English & Chinese
Review: Simulation analysis ; tips on being a best delegate Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
MUN Rules & Procedures quiz Interaction In school English & Chinese
Planning and Reviewing Learning Learning Style Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Making Plans: SMART Targets Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Effective learning tool: Mind-maps Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
ASDAN Portfolio main points Lecture & interactive In school English & Chinese
Working with Others Team building: Target setting, Distribution and Communication Lecture& Tutorials overseas English
Field research Tutorial overseas English
Presenting your field research results overseas English

AoPE certificate

NAIMUN certificate

University Award certificate

Our Story



1、What is the biggest difference between the ASDAN MUN program and other general MUN programs?

The ASDAN MUN program offers students the opportunity to participate in the most popular high school leadership development activity from the United States. Meanwhile, the biggest advantage of the ASDAN MUN program is the training system and program design, which is done in accordance with ASDAN’s AoPE standard. All students who participate in this program will gain not only an MUN Participation certificate but will also have the opportunity to gain an AoPE Level-3 certificate approved by the UK Department of Education, along with 8 UCAS points which help when applying for UK Universities and offer an important competitive advantage for applying to US universities. Therefore, the ASDAN MUN Program has higher added value than other general MUN programs.

2、The AoPE Level-3 certificate and its accompanying 8 UCAS points will help when applying for UK Universities, does it also help when applying for US Universities as well?

Although the 8 UCAS (University Colleges Admissions Service) points obtained do not apply to US University, having the AoPE Level-3 certificate (which is approved by the UK Department of Education) and an ASDAN portfolio which meets the academic standard of US universities will give universities an indication of the leadership and quality skills of Chinese students. Students who obtain the AoPE certificate will have a more competitive advantage under the same conditions of academic performance. Therefore, this program is most certainly helpful for applying US University.

3、Will participating in this program mean I will most definitely obtain UCAS points? How can I obtain the UCAS points?

The answer is No. All students who participate in this program need to complete the ASDAN portfolio under their teacher's guidance. This involves recording their academic experiences in detail. The final report will be submitted to the ASDAN headquarters in the UK. Only those students who pass the review will obtain their AoPE certificate and UCAS points. 8 UCAS points will be added automatically to the student’s credentials, which can prove to be one of the most useful evidences for their personal statement. For more information on the UCAS credit conversion and bonus system, please see UCAS official website: