Highly valuable international business exploration program for overseas university applications

150 hours of business exploration in the US, UK, Canada or EU

16 UCAS points from CoPE for applications to most UK universities

Certificates approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and UCAS for application to universities in the US and other countries


ASDAN Mini MBA Program, 14-day business exploration into UK, US, EU and Canada, works with famous companies, financial institutions and workshops to provide students a chance to look closely into Western ecnomomy. Student can also broaden their horizon through cross-culture experiences during the program.
At the same time, students will have the opportunity to apply for the CoPE Level-3 certificate authorized by the British Ministry of Education with UCAS points. It is regarded as a “highly valuable international business exploration program for overseas university applications”.


Global Business Exploration

Multi-cultural Experience

6 Core Skills

Authoritative Certification

Optional Routes


• Round 1: 2019.06.21-07.04
• Round 2: 2019.07.02-07.15
• Round 3: 2019.07.18-07.31
• Round 4: 2019.08.03-08.16


• Round 2: 2019.07.02-07.15
• Round 3: 2019.07.18-07.31


• Round 2: 2019.07.02-07.15


• Round 2: 2019.07.02-07.15

Program details

Trip highlights

International Organization
UN Headquarter, World Bank
Financial Industry
Treasury Department of United States (BEP), Wall Street
Cultural Industry
NBC/ VOA, Broadway Class
Government Organizations
United States Congress/United States Department of Defense/Supreme Court
World Famous Universities
Harvard, Yale, MIT, Columbia University
Business Enterprises
Macy's, Harley Davidson/Hershey's Chocolate/Budweiser

US Trip Agenda

Jul.2, 2019 - Jul.15, 2019 (14 days)
Jul.18, 2019 - Jul.31, 2019 (14 days)

Trip highlights

World Famous Universities
Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College/LSE/Bristol University
Financial Industry
Lloyd's of London, Museum of Bank of England
Culture & Sports Industries

BBC, Manchester United/ Arsenal, Tate Modern, Cockpit Arts, Shakespeare's Globe

Government Organizations
Houses of Parliament
Car manufacturers
Land Rover/ Mini Cooper

UK Trip Agenda

Round 1: Jun.21, 2019 - Jul.4, 2019 (14 days)
Round 2: Jul.2 , 2019 - Jul.15, 2019 (14 days)
Round 3: Jul.18 , 2019 - Jul.31, 2019 (14 days)
Round 4: Aug.3 , 2019 - Aug.16, 2019 (14 days)

Trip highlights

Sports Industry
Bayer Munich/Stuttgart / Ajax Football Clubs
International Institutions
EU Office, Hague
Food Industry
German Beer, French Wine, Belgium Chocolate Factory
Cultural Experiences
Swiss mountain, Eiffel Tower, Louvre
Car Industry
Audi/ BMW/ Mercedes Benz
Financial Industry
ECB/Deutsche Bundesbank/Frankfurt Financial District

EU Trip Agenda

Jul.2, 2019 - Ju.15, 2019 (14 days)


Financial Industry

• Cantral Bank of Canada, Royal Mint, Toronto Financial District

Top University

• Waterloo, McGill/ Toronto

Government Institutions

• Supreme court of Canada, Quebec National Assesmbly

Cultural Experience

• Museum of History, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec Old Town

Company Visit

• Toyota, CBA,Blue Bird Baseball Club, Beta Shoe Museum, Maple Syrup Workshop

CAN Trip Agenda

Jul.2, 2019 to Jul.15, 2019 (14 Days)

Mini MBA Values

Academic system

ASDAN Skills

ASDAN MINI MBA Training Schedule


Certificate of "CoPE Award"

Certificate of "University Award"

ASDAN policies and regulations

The following procedures are designed to maintain the standards and relate to the current regulatory requirements. All candidates that wish to join ASDAN programs must agree and adhere to these policies and procedures.

Our Story





This program gives an experience I have never had before. My English has improved a lot, as well as my communication skills. Communicating with foreigners can teach me more about their culture and helps with preparation for my future studies overseas. The team of teachers were very nice, and organized things well. This program has been very helpful for my personal growth.


Wang Yikai

Hangzhou Foreign Languages School

During the ASDAN program, we learnt how businesses operate, and the skills we learnt will be very useful for the future. It was helpful for the IB Students taking the IA and CAS courses.


Kuang Zhiwei

Beijing Huijia Private School

The ASDAN program taught me a new way of thinking, which is different from how we have learnt in school. It is a precise way of doing things – plan, do, review. And that's the core of the whole program, we all benefited from learning this process.

Jiang Songzhou

Zhenhai Cambridge International Centre

I learnt how to be brave and confident during the program. At the beginning, we couldn't express ourselves clearly on the street in Europe, but by the end, we could organize things well and express things clearly. After all the visits in Europe, I understood economics more. I learnt a lot from the visits and cultural experiences.

Lu Siyao

High School No.7 Chengdu

The Europe trip helped me a lot. During the program, I had the chance to visit an Audi factory, a Dutch flower market and so on. I learnt how to manage my time there. At the same time, I learnt more about European culture. The team teachers were really responsible, and helped us finish the portfolio perfectly.

Yang Wanjun

Nanjing Foreign Language School

ASDAN brought me an experience I have never had before. It was very helpful for me to use the logic of "plan, do, review". I became more confident after the team work in Switzerland and we kept having discussions with foreigners. I'm really thankful for ASDAN.

Liang Jiewen

Guangdong Country Garden School

The ASDAN program is very helpful for those who will go to universities overseas, not only for the 16 UCAS points, but also for cultivating different skills. For example, we completed the team work skill on the street in London. We also discovered different surprises and achievements when living independently.

Zhang Huimin

Ulink Education-Shanghai

During the program, we had the chance to get on a bus with local people, choose restaurants freely, and we could arrange a day of the trip ourselves. We felt European people's enthusiasm when we were giving out the questionnaires in the street. We also had an interview in luxury shops. The ASDAN program provided me with more knowledge of European countries, and gave me a certificate after finishing the portfolio to prove my achievements.

Li Yiwen

Cambridge International Exam Centre in Shanghai Experimental School



Registration and Payment Process

Step 1: Registration and Passport Application

Please apply for passport if you still don't have it. Fill in the application form, and send it to minimba@seedasdan.org by scanning it or taking a photo; or scan the QR code to fill in application form online.

Step 2: Contract Signing Protocol

ASDAN China will send protocol to students who pass the interview.
Parents should sign the protocol and send it back to us or the school. If necessary, the school can hold an illustration meeting.

Step 3: Payment Confirmation

Following the parents' conference and once participant contracts have been received, students or parents should pay the required fees through bank transfer within 5 working days.

Step 4: Visa (March-May 2019)

After students have obtained their passport, they should, in accordance with the visa material package prepare the relevant materials and submit them to ASDAN China. ASDAN China will make an appointment and arrange all other visa formalities.

Step 5: Academic Training (March-May 2019)

Once students have completed payment, ASDAN China will send professional trainers to schools to give 8 hours of introductory training on the CoPE portfolio and other specific Mini MBA academic knowledge.

Step 6: Participate the MINI MBA Program (June-August 2019)

Participate in the Mini MBA program; students will travel around the selected country and complete the ASDAN portfolio under their ASDAN Trainer's guidance. They will submit the final report to ASDAN UK.

Step 7: Receiving Results (October 2019)

The final results will be announced by ASDAN UK within 30 working days of the report submission. Students who have passed the review will gain the CoPE Certificate and 16 UCAS Points.


1. Will participating in this program guarantee I obtain UCAS points? How can I obtain UCAS points?

The ASDAN Mini MBA program does not guarantee students will receive the CoPE qualification or 16 UCAS points. All students who participate in this program need to complete the ASDAN portfolio under their teacher's guidance in order to receive CoPE. This involves recording their academic experiences in detail. The final report will be submitted to the ASDAN headquarters in the UK. Only those who pass the review will obtain their CoPE and in turn receive 16 UCAS points. These UCAS points will be added automatically to the student’s credentials, which can prove to be an essential piece of evidence for their personal statement. For more information on the UCAS credit conversion and bonus system, please see UCAS official website:https://www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/getting-started/entry-requirements/tariff/tariff-tables/1216

2. What will happen if I didn't pass in the end? Will I get corresponding points(<16)?

The result will be either pass or fail. If you pass, you will get 16 UCAS points; if you don't pass, you will not get any points. It is possible you may receive a University Award from ASDAN if you do not pass, which will prove that you attended an ASDAN international program. Your work will be checked by ASDAN UK to see if it qualifies for either award.

3. If I am a student who comes from a lower grade or lack many personal skills that the ASDAN CoPE award monitors, does it mean I will have lower chance of passing the CoPE Level-3 qualification?

CoPE requires you to develop your personal skills in 6 different aspects, it's not a competition or examination. As long as you fully participate and develop yourself in different aspects as required, you will have a fair chance of obtaining the certificate.