Math Kangaroo

The largest Youth Math competition in the World

87 countries and regions
5 Million
Over 6.3 million candidates
in the world
1 year
Founded in 1980
40 years history
1 Level
Suitable for year 1
to year 12
Chinese and
Englishpapers are
provided for
Chinese students
1 %
More than 60% of
receive awards
A contest that
can inspire
interest in math
Past Papers
Past Papers
are provided


Math Kangaroo is proposed by Peter O’Halloran, an Australian mathematician and teacher, in the 1980's. In 1991, this idea was taken up in Paris, France. Very quickly, it spread throughout Europe. The competition began to be called “Kangaroo” because of its Australian origin.

The main purpose of Math Kangaroo is to promote mathematical thinking and stimulate an interest in math, by providing students with an opportunity to compare their abilities against the abilities of other students, from different countries around the world. Math Kangaroo is now the largest competition for school students in the world, with over 6.3 million participants from 87 countries in 2019. There are about one million participants in Russia and Germany each year and more than 0.3 million participants are from France, Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland. Over 0.1 million participants are from Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and other countries. Furthermore, Math Kangaroo has been held in the United States for more than 20 years, and the number of participants increases rapidly every year, especially in California, where lives the majority of Asian Americans, however, despite the popularity of the competition, it is hard for students to participant in Math Kangaroo, due to increasing demand of participants each year.

ASDAN China (ASDAN Academy) and Math Kangaroo have formed a partnership to bring the Math Kangaroo Competition to China from 2019. In 2020, more than 20,000 students from more than 1,000 key schools and international schools across the country participated in the Math Kangaroo

Math Kangaroo

Math Kangaroo’s Mission

More than 6.34 million students participate in "Math Kangaroo" in 2019

Competition Rules and Awards

Competition Rules and Awards

  • Language:Chinese and English
  • Date
  • Level 1 (Year 1 to 2):    16th April, 2022 10:00-11:15 (75 mins)
  • Level 2 (Year 3 to 4):    16th April, 2022 10:00-11:15 (75 mins)
  • Level 3 (Year 5 to 6):    16th April, 2022 10:00-11:15 (75 mins)
  • Level 4 (Year 7 to 8):    16th April, 2022 14:00-15:15 (75 mins)
  • Level 5 (Year 9 to 10):  16th April, 2022 14:00-15:15 (75 mins)
  • Level 6 (Year 11 to 12):16th April, 2022 14:00-15:15 (75 mins)
  • Deadline:18th March, 2022
  • Location:Exam center
  • Contest:Individual written test
  • Difficulty:7 different levels (Level 0 & 1 have Chinese reading function)
    1. Level 1:Year 1 to 2
    2. Level 2:Year 3 to 4
    3. Level 3:Year 5 to 6
    4. Level 4:Year 7 to 8
    5. Level 5:Year 9 to 10
    6. Level 6:Year 11 to 12
*Because different levels of contests are conducted in different time periods, students who are good at math can register for multiple levels. Students are allowed to choose to register for the contest at a level higher than their grade level, and are not allowed to choose a level below their grade level. The awards will be judged separately in grades and levels.
  • Scoring System
    1. Level 1-2:24 multiple-choice questions, full score is 120 (Starting score is 24). Questions 1-8 are worth 3 points. Questions 9-16 are worth 4 points. Questions 17-24 are worth 5 points. ( 1 point will be deducted for wrong answers, and no point will be deducted for blank answers. )
    2. Level 3-6:30 multiple-choice questions, full score is 150 (Starting score is 30). Questions 1-10 are worth 3 points. Questions 11-20 are worth 4 points. Questions 21-30 are worth 5 points. ( 1 point will be deducted for wrong answers, and no point will be deducted for blank answers. )


Global Awards
  • Math Kangaroo Perfect Score: Full marks
National Awards
  • Top Gold: Top 3%
  • Gold Award: Top 10%
  • Silver Award: Top 20%
  • Bronze Award: Top 35%
  • Proficiency Award: Top 25% (after national awards)

Competition Regional Division

  • Northern China : Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shandong
  • Eastern China : Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu
  • Southern China : Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan
  • Western China: Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet, Ningxia, Xinjiang
  • Central China : Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan

Exam Centers

Math Kangaroo China Academic Board

Math Kangaroo China Academic Board Invitation


Dear Teachers:

Starting from 2019, ASDAN China (ASDAN Academy) has cooperated with Math kangaroo to bring the Math Kangaroo Competition to China. Math Kangaroo is now the largest competition for school students in the world, with over 6.3 million participants from 87 countries in 2019. Motivated by the importance of mathematics in the modern world, the competition is to spread the joy of mathematics, support mathematical education in school and promote a positive perception of mathematics in society.

The main activity of “Kangourou sans Frontières” is designing the annual Kangaroo Mathematics Competition. Mathematical problems in multiple-choice form are offered to children of all school levels. Math Kangaroo China Academic Board will be responsible for providing excellent math problems for the “Kangourou sans Frontières” on behalf of China Division. All members of Math Kangaroo China Academic Board, as well as math teachers nationwide, can participate in creating questions for the Math Kangaroo Competition. And the outstanding questions will be selected anonymously by Math Kangaroo China Academic Board.

Math Kangaroo China Division will hold an annual seminar to discuss and develop the concept of math teaching. In addition, some members of the Math Kangaroo China Academic Board will be invited to participate in MK's annual General Assembly, which takes place in different countries. All members of Math Kangaroo China Academic Board will be officially appointed and announced on the official website of the China Division. Hence, we would like to welcome any interested applicants from your school to join in our very first Math Kangaroo China Academic Board!


Math Kangaroo China Division
ASDAN China(ASDAN Academy)

Math Kangaroo China Support Program for Rural Schools

Echoing Math Kangaroo's mission of expanding the world's math population through unique challenges, Math Kangaroo China committee is launching its rural support program. Any rural public school in China can apply to participate in Math Kangaroo free of charge.
Please contact to request for the application form or for further information.


1、What is the refund policy

If, for some reason, the student is unable to attend after paying the fee, please contact us. If you apply before the registration deadline, 25% of the registration fee will be deducted as academic materials and service fees. If you apply after the registration deadline, no refund will be given.

2、Where should students register?

Students need to register on the native Math Kangaroo Committee website. China Division Committee does not accept participants from other nations and regions.

Northern China Contact
Northern Region:
Beijing、Tianjin、Heilongjiang、Jilin、Liaoning、 Heibei、Inner Mongolia、Shanxi、Shandong
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