ASDAN Careers Singapore
High School

ASDAN Careers Singapore Introduction Topics to study Agenda More Options of ASDAN Careers Program 010-84828941 Sign Up ASDAN Global Career Exploration Program Aeronautics & Airline management at Singapore Polytechnic  “Certificate of Completion” from Singapore Polytechnics Deep Exploration of Singapore by … Read More

World Scholar’s Cup(WSC)
Business & Economics | Comprehensive | Comprehensive

World Scholar’s Cup Introduction OurStrengths Advancement Subjects Team Events How to join Regional Round Global Round Tournamentof Champions Our story 010-84828941 Register now My registration Form a team(by team leader) Seed Account A Celebration of Learning A Gathering of Nations … Read More

Mini MBA Program

ASDAN Mini MBA Program Introduction Highlights Optional Routes Program Details Academic System Our Story Registration and Payment Process Online Courses 010-84828941 Sign up My registration Edit Information Highly valuable international business exploration program for overseas university applications 150 hours of … Read More

Cambridge Summer Programme
Summer School Programs

Cambridge Summer Programme Introduction Project Advantages Academic Content Optional Tutorial Student Life Timetable Accommodation Our Story Application Online courses Sign up My registration Edit Information Phone • East China:Miss. Huang 18321917128 • North and Northeast China:Miss. Liu 13426307315 • South … Read More

ASDAN Business Simulation
Business & Economics

ASDAN Business Simulation Introduction YourWay UP Improveyour skills Awards What Else How does it work? SampleAgenda RecentEvents Winners 010-84828941 Sign up My registration Form my team (only CEO) Collect Seed Account 您的浏览器不支持 video 标签。 Introduction The ASDAN Business Simulation has … Read More

Seed Academy
Business & Economics

Seed Academy Introduction Seed Academy SEED Points BS SEED Points Rules Ranking & Awards How does it work? 010-84828941 Sign up Seed Academy Seed Academy is a student management and credit management organization established by ASDAN China. Each student participating … Read More

Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC)

Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC) Introduction Competition Rules Requirements Exam Centers Sample Problems Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (CCO) Sample Problems 010-84828941 Sign up CCC My registration CCC Edit Information CCC Exam Center Instructions for Participants in 2019 CCC Admission Ticket Download Hosted … Read More

ASDAN Careers Hong Kong
High School

ASDAN Careers Hong Kong Highlights Introduction Course Options Companies Visits Culture Exploration Agenda Introduction to some of the Professors/Teachers List of the Courses 010-84828941 Sign Up ASDAN Global Career Exploration Program  Certificate of Completion from HKUST/HKU/HKPU 7 Optional Courses: Financial … Read More

ASDAN Global Career Exploration Program
High School

ASDAN Careers Highlights List of the Course Options Places for you to choose from Introduction Certificates 010-84828941 Sign Up ASDAN Global Career Exploration Program More than 20 courses in different fields such as Financial Analysis, Business Strategy, Corporate Finance, Statistics, AI, … Read More

UC Berkeley Summer School
Summer School Programs

UC Berkeley Summer School Introduction Why UC Berkeley Certificate Student Life Application Online Course Sign up My registration Edit Information Tel East China: Miss. Huang 18321917128 North and Northeast China: Miss. Liu 13426307315 South and Southwest China: Miss. Dong 13530398268 … Read More