ASDAN Global Career Exploration Program

A wide range of courses to choose, 
such as Architectural Design, Urban Planning, AI, 3D Printing, Game Design, Financial Analysis, Journalism, Business Strategy, Economics

Optional Locations: Shangahi, Macau, Beijing

Certificate of Completion from Cooperative Universities/companies

Certificate of "ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work" accredited by UCAS and Ofqual


ASDAN Global Career Exploration Program is aiming to offer high school students the opportunities to explore different subjects and professions,
which can potentially help them to decide their majors in universities and future career options.
We are working with different top universities across the globe to provide their most famous courses to students,
as well as do ­field research at related industries, and explore the exciting culture of a new city.


Professional Courses

Famous Universities & Companies

Strong Faculty

PBL Field Research

Career Planning

Optional Courses

CitylinX Citylab·Beijing

8.5 - 8.11, 2020
• Architectural Design
Urban Planning
Urban Research
Urban Development

Artificial Intelligence · Beijing

8.1 - 8.6, 2020
• Application of Face Recognition Technology
• Artificial Intelligence Industry Analysis
• Big Data Algorithm

Amplify Trading Financial Analysis · Shanghai

7.24 - 7.30, 2020
• Hands-on practice of financial business
• In-depth analysis of financial industry
• First-hand experience of international trading
• Macroeconomic analysis

Cambridge Journalism·Shanghai

7.29 - 8.5, 2020
• Journalism

3D Printing Prosthetic Hands·Shanghai

8.1 - 8.6, 2020
• 3D Printing and Modeling
• Design Thinking
• Cura Applications
• Simulation Test

Barrier-Free Game Design·Shanghai

8.1 - 8.6, 2020
• Game Design for Blindness
• Dialogue in the Dark
• Internet Thinking
• Programming Learning

University of Macau

7.20 - 7.26, 2020
• Business Strategy
• Economics


ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work Award

Certificate of Completion


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Campus Tour
Field Research-MediaCorp in SGP
Field Research-MediaCorp in SGP
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City Tour

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