Hong Kong University Exploration


ASDAN Hong Kong Apprentice Program

5 university course options: Finance and Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, Financial Analysis and AI

Visits to famous companies of finance, technology and marketing

“ASDAN Career Exploration Award” recognized by UK Department of Education

Official Certificate of Completion by Hosting Universities

Date: Finance and Marketing|Business Strategy: 26 Jan., 2019 – 1 Feb., 2019 (7 days)

 Digital Marketing| Financial Analysis| AI: 10 Feb., 2019 – 16 Feb., 2019 (7 days)


ASDAN China offers several professional course-options to students in Hong Kong. Participants can choose one of the categories: Finance and Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, Financial Analysis and AI.
All the courses are given by professors and participants will get an Official Certificate of Completion by Hosting  Universities.
The program will arrange for participants to visit top financial, trading, media and technology centers. Participants will know more about how these industries influence their daily lives and have a better understanding of their possible major in the future.
Visiting top universities in Hong Kong and exploring Hong Kong culture are included in the program as well.

Introduction to the optional courses

Introduction to the optional courses Participants can choose one of the categories that interest you in the period of the program.

Business Strategy  Quota: 30 students English Course Students are going to learn business models and leadership in the series of course. After  that, students will be able to analyze business strategy and make proposals for companies.
  • Business Model Design Compare
  • Different Business Models
  • Successful Business Case Study
  • Business Leadership
  • Comparison on different lead styles
  Finance and Marketing  Quota: 30 students English Course Experienced workers will lead students to explore the most popular financial and marketing patterns. Students will learn the marketing strategy by theory and case study.
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Successful Business Case Study
  • Digital Marketing
  • How to do Business Plan and Proposal
Digital Marketing 

Quota: 35 students

Chinese Course

You can learn about the main processes of the most advanced marketing method in Hong Kong—Digital Marketing, from experienced marketing practitioners and professors. You can learn how to present and customize a product with low cost, and learn how to use the virtual community to speed up promoting and reach out to customers more easily. As well, you will also learn multiple new and untraditional marketing strategies and the most eye-catching and effective way to convey your ideas through case study.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing:Digital Information and Media, Digital Culture in marketing industry, Digital promotion and virtual community, Marketing Communication and Content Delivery
  • New Marketing Ideas:Digital Data Application, Digital algorithm, Data-driven Decision Making, Concept of User Experience Design
  Financial Analysis  Quota: 50 students (closed) Chinese Course As Hong Kong is one of the financial centers in Asia, the Finance Major is quite popular among undergraduates in Hong Kong.  In this course, you can learn how to do primary financial analysis in both a macroscopic and microcosmic level.
  • Economic Prospect and Financial Analysis
  • Investment Tool and Strategy
  • Hedging Tools and Sharing Management
  • Big Data and Financial Analysis

Quota: 50 students (closed)

Chinese Course

AI (artificial intelligence) is the computer function that enables computers to complete complicated tasks which could only previously be done by people. AI is the key to almost all the topics and hot points in most IT and Internet fields, including smart hardware, O2O, robot, UAV and Industry 4.0. AI accuracy can be effectively improved through big data training. In this course, you can learn about the definition of AI and the research done on it, the current development of AI and the future application, and the prospects of AI in business. You can also learn how robots became “smart” in a practice workshop.

  • Brief Introduction to AI
  • Big Data Visualization and AI
  • Blockchain
  • Data Application and Practice: Dialogue between Human and Robots (Involving Preliminary Programming)

The program includes courses and vocational exploration.

Apart from the courses in Hong Kong, you will get to know the business in Hong Kong in various aspects, such as finance, technology, marketing, architecture and land property. You are able to learn about the situation in the fields mentioned above through visiting famous companies

Financial Industry
Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Financial Bureau, Prudential Insurance
Marketing and Media
Radio Television Hong Kong, BMG
Robot lab,  Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI)  

Explore Hong Kong Culture

Participants are going to explore Hong Kong in their own way.

  • Shoot the micro film-“Hong Kong in my view”: participants will be divided into groups with 3 or 4 people and choose a topic related to Hong Kong business or culture. They will play different roles in their groups and finishing the shooting by visiting institutions and doing research.
  • Visit famous and traditional business area: Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Central Station, Causeway Bay, Kowloon, etc.
  • Try local food on streets and in the alleys
  • Go to the top of Taiping Mountain to have a look at the whole view of Hong Kong
  • Visit Hong Kong History Museum and understand the development history of a fishing village to the international city

Introduction to some of the teachers

Donna Chen has worked for a cross-national brand for over 15 years and she shows her specialty in creating products and managing her own business. She aims to meet her commercial goals through conceptualization and proper plans. She is now working as a teaching fellow, sharing her motivation, knowledge and experience in integrating marketing and her own business.

Donna Chen

Gust Professor

Yan Zhihong is a guest professor in the department of Mathematics and Finance and an honorary professor in the department of Engineering. Meanwhile, he works as a counselor in Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute. After earning his PhD of Executive Information System from University of Arizona in 1992, he worked in top universities like Carnegie Mellon University, University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Yan leads research teams in both Mainland China and Hong Kong, dedicated in developing the system or model of online finance, derivative products, hedge fund, program-high frequency trading, structured notes, stock choosing and poverty management and modeling the risk management.

Yan Zhihong


Song Yangqiu specializes in AI and he is an assistant professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering in the school of Engineering. He was an assistant professor in West Virginia State University in 2015 and 2016. He studied post doctorate in the University of Illinois from 2013 to 2015 and in HKUST from 2012 to 2013 and worked in the Noah's Ark-Lab in the meantime. In the period of 2010 to 2012, he was an associate researcher in Microsoft Research Asia. He was a staff of technology research and development in IBM China. Earlier, he spent 6 years getting his Bachelor and Doctor degree in Tsinghua University.

Song Yangqiu

Associate Professor

Qu Huamin is a professor in the department of Computer and Engineering and the manager of the human-computer interaction research team. Professor Qu researchs data visualization and human-computer interaction, focusing on the visualizing of smart cities, social network analyzing, E-Learning and text. He has published more than 100 thesis papers and won a quantity of prices, including 8 kinds of best thesis and honors, best IBM teacher in 2009, the higher education technology research second prize from Ministry of Education in 2014, the creation in Hong Kong communication and information second prize in 2015, the 2015 AICTA of E-Learning prize and the excellent co-worker of Noah's Ark-Lab prize. The skills and software developed by his lab has been adopted by IBM, Microsoft, Huawei and Tencent.

Qu Huamin


ASDAN Career and Experiencing Work Award

Values for Applying Universities:This certificate is authorized by ASDAN UK and can prove the efforts that students have put in the business related programs.  It has a lot of value when you apply for universities in the UK
US Universities application: 
This certificate is authorized by ASDAN UK and can prove the efforts that students have put in the business related programs. It shows your participation and experience in business activities when applying for universities in the US.

Our Stories

Liu Benju
Teacher of Yichang Cambridge International School
First of all, the program is quite abundant. Students can not only learn knowledge and theory but also visit several companies and universities. Students are able to approach different aspects of life which broaden their horizon.

Yin Guantong
Beijing National Day School
Generally speaking, the visits are interesting, such as Hong Kong Hosing Department. I used to pay attention to the Housing Policy in Beijing and I compared the policies in Hong Kong to those in my home town when visiting Hong Kong Hosing Department.

Hu Ailing
Chongqing Foreign Language School
I love the AI course very much because it is quite interesting and I can learn new things in class. The moderate difficulty made it understandable. I was alone when signing up for the program; however, in the process of shooting group micro-film, I made close friends.

Wang Mingyang 
Changzhou Foreign Languages School
I learned about Portfolio Investment in the course of finance by analyzing data and discussing stocks. In the “Dialogue in the Dark” we tried many new things and found out that all the staffs were visually disabled at the last minute. We were touched by their efforts and attitude. I made friends with other participants and I liked communicating with others.

Duan Zhijie
Shenzhen Senior High School
My favorite course is the recommend system class in AI because the teacher was quite active. I was impressed by the “Dialogue in the Dark” and I learned how difficult the life is for those who are visually disabled. I started to notice the importance of health and learned a lot of knowledge in the program. Also, I enjoyed the team work. This is a high-value program and it will help a lot when applying for a university admission.

Zhang Shuohua
Beijing National Day School
I am more interested in business and I signed in the program because of the business class in HKUST. The lectures were easy to understand by my side. In the courses, there were more details based on the general ideas of business and we learned a lot in the lectures. The most impressive visits were visiting the Prudential and Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Through the visits, I learned about the history of finance in Hong Kong and it was the most interesting part for me.

Fu Zijian
ULink College, Guangzhou
I learned a lot in the program. In HKUST, we learned alot about finance; when visiting Prudential, we understood what insurance is. In AI courses, I realized AI helps business industry. For, example, we can use AI in education and recommended system. Besides, the teacher gave us some ideas about how to choose major in the future. In sum, I learned a lot in this program.

Registration and Payment Process


ASDAN Hong Kong Finance and Marketing|ASDAN Hong Kong Business Strategy: 26 Jan., 2019- 1 Feb., 2019(7 Days)

ASDAN Hong Kong Digital Marketing|ASDAN Hong Kong Financial Analysis|ASDAN Hong Kong AI: 10 Feb., 2019- 16 Feb., 2019(7 Days)

Admission Requirements

Age between 15 -18,Be passionate to the courses you choose


  • All school fee in Hong Kong
  • All business and culture visits
  • ASDAN certificate and training
  • Service charge of ASDAN group leader
  • International insurance

Not included

  • Transportation from Mainland China to Hong Kong Airport or Shenzhen Port
  • All meals and drinks (Hong Kong is famous for gourmet and you are encouraged to try different food on your own)
  • Exit -Entry Permit and Endorse for Traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao


Registration and Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao Application
  • Please apply for the Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao and endorsement at the local entry and exit administration bureau. Log in the website, scan the QR code or send the registration form to hongkong@seedasdan.org to register the program.
Step 2: Contract Signing Protocol
  • After confrming the registration, ASDAN China will send you the contracts. Parents and the student will sign program contracts with ASDAN China and deliver the contracts to us or their school teachers. Paying is according to the contract and to confirm their place in participating in the program.
Step 3: Pre-trip preparation
  • One month before the trip, ASDAN China will send the instruction with the pick-up arrangement in Hong Kong, details of the courses, visit agenda, logistics, academic and living preparation and safety notice. Please read it carefully and take it seriously.
Step 4: Participate the program and get the certificate
  • You will participate in the program under the guidance of ASDAN trainers. You need to fulfill the academic tasks and report. You will get the two certificates after the program for 20 work-days.