Cambridge Summer Programme

Truly unique Cambridge summer programme

An unparalleled educational experience in the university city of Cambridge

Diverse and enriching curriculum and learn in small classes

Insight into the best education system

Make friends from around the world through activities and a Cultural Exchange.

Session 1: 7th-20th July 2019, 14 Days

Session 2: 28th July-10th Aug. 2019, 14 Days

Truly unique Cambridge summer programme

An unparalleled educational experience in the university city of Cambridge
Diverse and enriching curriculum and learn in small classes
Insight into the best education system
Make friends from around the world through activities and a Cultural Exchange.
Session 1: 7th-20th July 2019, 14 Days
Session 2: 28th July-10th Aug. 2019, 14 Days


The Cambridge Summer School is an intensive two week residential educational experience with a diverse and enriching curriculum, designed for 16-18 year old students. Tutorials and seminars are taught by highly regarded tutors in an optimal learning environment that stimulates academic enquiry; yet the carefully planned schedule ensures that the programme meets the academic needs of the participants, but also provides a unique experience of the University city through an abundance of extracurricular activities. Students reside in one of central Cambridge’s largest and most beautiful university colleges. With its diverse and enriching curriculum, the programme allows students to explore and further their knowledge of a chosen subject in an unrivalled academic environment. As an Exclusive partner, ASDAN China will select outstanding students to attend the Cambridge Summer School Programme.



University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research university in England. Founded in 1209, Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is a member of numerous associations and forms part of the "golden triangle" of leading English universities. Ninety-five Nobel laureates have been affiliated with Cambridge as students, faculty, staff or alumni.






Awards & Accreditations

British Accreditation Council Accredited

Education Awards – The Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2018

Council of British International Schools Supporting Member

Immerse Education is a proud member of ROSPA

The Complete University Guide featured

The Times Educational Supplement featured

Project Advantages

Dedicated university and subject specific advice

40 hours of Academic sessions from Oxbridge University tutors

Accommodation in a central college of the University of Cambridg

Carefully designed study and lecture materials

Mentor programme and access to University application support material

Inclusive of all excursions and extra curriculums

2 coach excursions including a trip to Oxford

Diverse range of international participants

Certificate of Attendance and tutor written Assessment

Academic Content




Medical Science


Course Descriptions:

The Cambridge Immerse Physics course focuses upon providing students with a taste of the topics covered in an undergraduate Physics degree. Physics is responsible for some of the things we think indispensable to modern life such as medical instrumentation such as x-rays and ultrasound to satellite signals to watch television, use mobile phones and the Internet itself. In addition, students will have the ability to work on group projects and will be assigned to teams to work together on problems to be presented at the end of the week.
The Cambridge Immerse Biology course is perfect for those considering studying Biology at university level. As well as consolidating students’ existing understanding of Biology at an A-level / IB level (or equivalent qualification), the course introduces students to more advanced university-level topics and debates that will not only spur intellectual curiosity, but will also assist in preparing to study the discipline at leading universities. At the fundamental level, Biology is concerned with understanding the laws that govern interactions from the molecular level to the level of the cells, individuals and populations, and the Cambridge Immerse course provides an unparalleled experience of these key tenets. The programme is a unique opportunity to explore fascinating topics within Biological Sciences, and to consider recent scientific advances.

The course looks at some of the key issues facing academics today. From as wide-ranging as the Elizabethan period, to the events of World War II, and the more recent uprisings of the ‘Arab Spring’, debate focuses around challenging questions, and tutorials form a crucial part of the learning experience amongst students to encourage critical thinking and debating skills. In addition, participants conduct research on a selected historical question, culminating in an essay discussed during an Oxbridge style tutorial.


The aim of the course is on the basic principles of atomic and molecular structures, chemical bonds, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, acid-base and redox equilibrium, and catalysis. The curriculum will also enable students to delve into specific fields of interest through a group project that culminates in a presentation to the rest of the class.

Computer Science

The course introduces the key concepts and tools underpinning modern computer science, equipping participants with both theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition, participants will complete a project over the duration of the course, allowing them to explore a range of topics that might include social networking applications, financial industry software application, and the use of software in the medical sector.

Creative Writing

Each step of the course introduces you to sure-fire techniques to modify your style and structure your writing, building skills, inventing narrative, and encouraging avid writers to pick up and refine new ideas in prose and verse. Tutors will offer constructive criticism and guidance on course assignments. In addition, the programme is combined with the English Literature programme, allowing students to analyse the literary devices used to create compelling pieces of writing. By the end of the course, participants will have been guided through the writing of their own novella.


In Civil Engineering, you’ll be provided both a practical and theoretical insight into the design and construction of structures such as bridges, tall buildings and other structures, dams and reservoirs, power stations, ports, and transport systems. In addition to studying academic topics related to Engineering, a competitive group project will round off the course, allow students to put their knowledge into practice by ‘engineering’ miniature civil engineering structures. A prerequisite of the course is a solid grounding in Mathematics. Preparatory work provided to participants 6 weeks before the course commences.


The programme will introduce students to concepts and ideas of organisational behaviour and the management of organisations, as well as topics of finance, strategy, marketing and leadership. By using a variety of different resources such as business articles, lectures and talks, students will develop their knowledge of the study of management and discuss together the insights gained. The classes are similar in style to the ‘Case Study Method’ used at Harvard Business School.

In addition to extending the existing mathematical knowledge of participants, the course focuses upon showing how these concepts can applied to other areas.Core topics explored within the programme include:Calculus, Analysis, Integration Statistics, Mathematical Finance, the Philosophy of Mathematics. Subject Requirements: Students are expected to be studying Mathematics. All students are sent preparatory material 6 weeks before the programme commences, to ensure that all students are up to speed.
In addition to providing students with grounding in the key theoretical and practical tenets of Law, the course focuses upon particular skills that are vital to the study of Law at university, including the ability to form logical and coherent arguments, and the features of effective debate. In addition, the Law programme provides insights into the theoretical frameworks of key fields of law, including criminal law, international law and corporate law, as well as exploring fascinating cases and notable developments within each field. No prior knowledge or experience of Law / Jurisprudence is required or presupposed.
International Relations

The Cambridge Immerse International Relations course provides a vital theoretical grounding in contemporary International Relations and Political Science and tackles key questions and debates related to the politics that continually shape our modern world. By analyzing neo-realist, neo-liberal, constructivist and post-structuralist approaches, students will be able to uncover the variety of relations between states.


Our aim is to help students develop an in-depth understanding of some basic medical science and to familiarize them with advances in the discipline. Students can expect to study topics as wide-ranging as medical biology and anatomy to ethics and philosophy. Furthermore, the course is distinctive in that it encompasses skills workshops including Interview Workshops, Personal Statement workshops and BMAT test skills workshops.


Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems. By studying the works of the world’s finest philosophers – from Plato and Aristotle to Wittgenstein, Nietzsche – participants will develop a finer understanding of the workings of logic and reason, how arguments are built in order to establish conclusions, and how such conclusions can be questioned. The course introduces students to the world of analytical philosophy, providing insights into the four main subdivisions: namely logic, metaphysics, epistemology and ethics.


The course uses current events to breathe life into the study of economics. As well as learning key theories, models, and frameworks, the programme is focusing particularly on recent and current crises, including the Global Financial Crisis and Eurozone crisis; students will develop, independently, arguments for and against particular economic policies. The ‘Management’ side of the course focuses on the growth of businesses, allows students to pinpoint why and how any business can succeed or fail which is similar in style to the ‘Case Study Method’ used at Harvard Business School.

English Literature

The Cambridge Immerse English Literature course combines practical analysis of language and form with a thorough grounding in the historical and cultural context of a variety of key texts. The course considers these underlying themes alongside a rigorous introduction to the features of literary language. In addition to the above, students will also tour the colleges of famous alumni from Cambridge (including Milton and Marlowe) and the various sites and scenes that have provide the inspiration for some of literature’s finest characters. The course is studied alongside participants from the Creative Writing programme.


The programme will introduce students to concepts and ideas of organisational behaviour and the management of organisations, as well as topics of finance, strategy, marketing and leadership. By using a variety of different resources such as business articles, lectures and talks, students will develop their knowledge of the study of management and discuss together the insights gained. The classes are similar in style to the ‘Case Study Method’ used at Harvard Business School.

Optional Tutorial

Interview Skills Workshops

Interview Skills Workshops

Interview Skills Workshops

Within the interview skills workshops, students will gain an insight into the core skills required to successfully articulate their viewpoints in a pressured environment. These workshops focus upon developing the confidence and intellectual tenacity required to tackle some of the key questions that might be asked during interview, in addition to addressing debates surrounding some of the most pertinent issues within the discipline at the moment.

Personal Statement Consultations

Over the duration of the Cambridge Immerse course, students will have the opportunity to develop drafts of their personal statements required for access to universities across the world with the expertise and assistance of highly regarded tutors. Students learn techniques to concisely demonstrate their interest in a particular discipline.

Personal Statement Consultations

Personal Statement Consultations

Other Test Preparation

Other Test Preparation

Other Test Preparation

Certain subjects, such as Medicine or Law, require that prospective applicants to UK universities complete an aptitude test such as the LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law), UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test). Other universities require that applicants for the humanities sit for the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment). Optional sessions provide participants of Cambridge Immerse with guidance and insights into the best practices for preparing for these tests.

Student Life


Cambridge's museums - explore historical and scientific treasures

A day trip to Oxford - the home of Cambridge’s arch ‘Rival’

A day trip to London - including the British Museum and the London Eye

King’s College Chapel and university colleges - a center of academic excellence

Fascinating and well-respected guest speakers from politicians to philosophers

Private Study Sessions for students to deepen their understanding of their chosen subject

Extra-Curricular Activities

'A spot of croquet' - Cambridge's quintessential summer sport

Visits to Cambridge’s plays - the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival

Punting - enjoy a summer's afternoon drifting down The River Cam

Formal dining - dine in Cambridge’s famous medieval banquet halls

Debate workshops


  Time Schedule  
Morning 08:00 – 09:30 Breakfast Morning academic session: typically in either a seminar or lecture format, the morning academic session introduces an exciting new topic - taught by an expert tutor.
09:30 – 11:30 Morning academic session
Afternoon 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Afternoon tutorial: The afternoon tutorial encourages students to advance their understanding of the material that was explored during the morning academic session.

Activity/Excursion/Workshop: After the day's academic sessions, a wide variety of extracurricular activities - including excursions and workshops take place.

13:30 – 15:30 Afternoon tutorial
16:00 – 18:00 Activity/Excursion/Workshop
Evening 18:00 – 19:15 Dinner Evening social event: A three course dinner in the college dining hall is then followed by an evening social event to help participants wind down and socialize after a packed day.
19:30 – 22:00 Evening social event


Live in Historic Cambridge Colleges

Sidney Sussex College

Sidney Sussex is located in the very heart of Cambridge. Founded in 1596 Sidney Sussex is a very well-kept secret. All participants will be accommodated in bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms in the Blundell building.

Christ’s College

Christ’s College was refunded as Christ’s College in 1505 by order of a Royal Charter from the King. The College is often described as an oasis of calm in the heart of the city, including beautiful herbaceous borders and tranquil gardens laid out over four courts.

Newnham College

Newnham College was established in 1871 as one of the first women’s colleges and is the only undergraduate college with an all-female Fellowship. Situated 10 minutes from the historic centre of Cambridge it has a perfect mix of Victorian architecture and modern facilities. At ‘the College where you can walk on the grass’, Newnham’s huge gardens and adjoining sports field, provide a quiet space to study outside and engage in summer activities.

Murray Edwards College

Murray Edwards was founded over 60 years ago and takes its name from the colleges first president Dame Rosemary Murray, and the largest personal donation a Cambridge College has ever received in the University’s 800 year history.Distinguished alumni include Dame Barbara Stocking, formerly Chief Executive of Oxfam GB.

*All participants will be accommodated in their own individual bedrooms

Our Story


Everything from the tutorials, activities and excursions to the accommodation, organizing team and mentor assistance was amazing. It was a wonderful opportunity to broaden my knowledge, explore new places and meet many amazing mentors and friends from all over the world. 


Caitlin Addison

“An unparalleled learning experience, allowing me to develop an insightful and creative response to the topics covered…it has left me inspired and motivated to reach my full potential”



Hong Kong
“The excursions and activities were interesting and so much fun, providing a real taste of student life in Cambridge”



“The most challenging most incredible experience of my life.”


United Kingdom
Attending Cambridge Immerse has taught me invaluable lessons that go beyond the framework of classroom learning. I feel that after two weeks I have developed both intellectually and as a person in general, a result of the rapid pace of teaching and the fantastically motivated group of peers I learned alongside.



Cambridge Immerse is truly an invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime experience which has allowed me to expand my knowledge in my chosen field, as well as gaining a first-hand insight into what university life might be like. 


Lily El

“They become your friends. They’re so approachable and supportive, willing to share advice and insights about their experience”



  • Session 1: 7th-20th July 2019, 14 Days
  • Session 2: 28th July-10th Aug. 2019, 14 Days

Requirement(Students must meet at least one of the following):

  • Awarded students from ASDAN STEM programmes.
  • Students who have gained an ASDAN CoPE/AoPE certi¬ficate
  • A command of the English language equivalent to IELTS level 6.0 or TOEFL 80
  • As the program is conducted entirely in English, a recommendation letter from your teacher to prove your English - proficiency, and a phone interview with an ASDAN staff member are required.

Admission Quota

  • 80 High School Students
  • Date of birth should be between 11/08/2000 and 07/01/2004. If your birthday is after 07/01/2004, you should apply for the following year.
  • There are a limited number of places for each course, places are assigned on a first come, first served basis.


It is important to be clear that the Cambridge Summer School is not part of or otherwise affiliated to the University of Cambridge. The University of Cambridge does not have an official summer school and any summer program cannot be converted into Cambridge credits.

Registration and Payment Process(2019)

Step 1: Application and Selection (from December 2018 to April 2019)
  • Click the Sign up button to sign up, or send the application form to this email address:
Step 2: Qualification Evaluation (from December 2018 to April 2019)
  • Within five working days after the application is received, ASDAN staff will contact the student who signed up, evaluate the qualification or arrange a telephone interview.
Step 3: Confirmation (January to April 2019)
  • After passing the qualification evaluation, the student will sign the contract, pay and select the relevant courses.
Step 4: Visa (April, May, June 2019)
  • ASDAN China will make an appointment and arrange all other visa formalities.
Step 5: Preparation (July 2019)
  • ASDAN China will provides online cross-cultural communication training.
  • Provide instruction and academic materials for students to learn in advance. (Cambridge summer school)
  • ASDAN China will provides student guidebook which will give student a detailed instruction about logistics preparation and studying abroad.
Step 6: Study Abroad (July, August 2019)
  • According to the agreed collection site, ASDAN China’s group leader will collect students to abroad and return to China.