European Economics Olympiad 1
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European Economics Olympiad Highlights Introduction Development Preliminary round National Round Global Round 010-84828941 Sign upScan for register My ASDAN Exam Result Check “Let the knowledge of economic and financial principles be an asset for every individual. Let this common knowledge … Read More

European Economics Olympiad
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European Economics Olympiad Highlights Introduction Development Preliminary round National Round Global Round Academic Support Sample Test Examination School 010-84828941 My ASDAN Exam Result Check Log in/Registration ASDAN AccountScan How to register My ASDAN 2021 EEO National Round Group information check … Read More

World Scholar’s Cup(WSC)
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World Scholar’s Cup Introduction Advancement Subjects Team Events Regional Round Tournamentof Champions Our story 010-84828941 My registration Form a team Asdan Account Online Round Results Certificates Download Semi-Global Round Register Regional Round Registerscan QR code A Celebration of Learning For … Read More

ASDAN Business Simulation
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ASDAN Business Simulation Introduction YourWay UP Improveyour skills Awards What Else How does it work? SampleAgenda RecentEvents Winners 010-84828941 Sign UpScan to Register My ASDAN Account ASDAN Account Login/SignupScan to Log in/Register ASDAN Account Signup Guidance 您的浏览器不支持 video 标签。 Introduction … Read More

ASDAN Academy
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ASDAN Academy Introduction ASDAN Academy ASDAN Points BS ASDAN Points Rules Ranking & Awards How does it work? 010-84828941 Sign up ASDAN Academy ASDAN Academy is a student management and credit management organization established by ASDAN China. Each student participating … Read More

All Star BS
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All-Star Competition Introduction Your Way UP! ASDAN Business Simulation All-Star Competition Business Simulation Final (WYEF) Promotional Video Highlights Develop your own enterprise Agenda Awards YES Program 010-84828941 My ASDAN Log in/Sign up ASDAN mini programScan to Log in ASDAN Account … Read More

LIBF Student Investor Challenge
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LIBF Student Investor Challenge Highlights Introduction Values Development Path Online Courses Exam Centers Preliminary Round National Final 010-84828941 RegisterScan to Register My Registration Result Check Certificate Download ASDAN Account Guidance Form my team (LIBF National Round) Exam Entrance LIBF Preliminary … Read More

Regional BS
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Regional BS Introduction Video Recent event Winners 010-84828941 Sign up My registration Form my team (only CEO) Collect Seed Account Introduction The ASDAN Business Simulation has been created in an effort to help the aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs of … Read More

World Youth Economic Forum (WYEF)
Business & Economics | Business & Economics | International Students

The World Youth Economic Forum is co-hosted by the Global Undergraduate Economic Forum from Yale and ASDAN from the UK. It is a is a 4 day conference with a yearly attendance of over 700 participants held in Shanghai. This event is open to all high school and university students from around the world to debate issues of global importance in economics, international relations, politics, finance and development. … Read More