The best-known middle school math tournament

More experienced problem writers and graders coming to China

Same test, same rules as the US division and global rankings

Compete in teams facing unique and creative math problems

Innovative math thinking and advanced math logic

Past papers and other academic materials prepared


The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) is a world-famous research university which enjoys a high reputation in the academic field. UC Berkeley ranks 4th on the 2017 US NEWS Best Global Universities Rankings and 5th on the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).
The Berkeley mini Math Tournament (BmMT) is one of the most famous math tournaments specifically created for middle school students in the United States. It is hosted by UC Berkeley math tournament committee. There are more than 100 famous middle schools from all over the United States gathering together to compete in the BmMT each year. Considering the mathematical knowledge and thinking ability of the middle school students, the Berkeley mini Math Tournament has diverse and interesting rules and brings the most advanced mathematical thinking. This group-based tournament emphasizes on the flexible use of mathematical thinking and teamwork, and not only examine the mathematical knowledge and teamwork, but also inspires the students to appreciate the beauty of mathematics.


Berkeley Math Tournament Committee
Kaiwen Academy


Dear Math Coaches and students,

Many top universities in the US organize math tournaments for senior high school students, while only a few also organize tournaments specifically for middle school students. Berkeley mini Math Tournament is one of them. To encourage Chinese middle school students to experience the top math tournament in China, the Berkeley mini Math Tournament (BmMT) committee, ASDAN China and Kaiwen Academy jointly sponsor the BmMT (China Division) in 2019.

The Berkeley mini Math Tournament (BmMT) seeks to provide students wishing to compete in China a valuable chance to experience a US-style math competition without the cost and hassle of travelling to the US. We will provide challenging and original math problems in a format which are innovative compared to other contests within China. Moreover, BmMT will use the same test questions in both the China and US divisions, as well as the same rules. Based on the test results, BmMT will have Chinese rankings, US rankings and global rankings.

We are thrilled and excited to make BmMT China happen with diligent people from ASDAN. Hopefully through BmMT, you will have fun in solving our well-prepared and interesting questions, mingling with students from other schools, as well as getting an idea about US middle school tournaments. For any math enthusiasts with a drive to succeed and prove their ability, it is a tournament not to be missed.

Moor Xu

Director of Berkeley mini Math Tournament


Rules and Award

BmMT Rules

Language:English & Chinese

Team Size:5 students per team

Individual test:60-minute exam consisting of 20 questions

Team Test:

Speed: 10 minutes (answer as many questions as possible)

Team: 30-minute exam consisting of 20 questions

Puzzle: 60 minutes

Tiebreaker: 15-minute exam consisting of 5 questions

Award Setting

Chinese Rankings

Overall Team Result:       Top 10

Individual test:       Top 50

Team Test:

Speed       Top 10

Team        Top 10

Puzzle      Top 10

Global Rankings

Overall Team Result:       Top 10

Individual test:       Top 50

Team Test:

Speed       Top 10

Team        Top 10

Puzzle      Top 10

Notes:Team results (100%) = Individual Test results 8% * 5 (team members) + Speed results 10% +Team results 30% + Puzzle results (20%)
The tiebreaker test is only for individual ranking. The results will not affect team performance.


Problem Writers and Assessors

A very warm welcome to the BmMT China! We are a group of math enthusiasts from America, who have come together to create a tournament just as interesting, engaging and out-of-the-box. Through this tournament, we will show you a world of math that is beyond your textbooks and classrooms. You will take back one of your most enriching experiences and forge some interesting connections between yourself and the powerful world of mathematics. Most importantly, you will learn the art of efficiency and smart problem-solving, working as a team, and hopefully will make some new friends too!
Problem solving helps highlight the beauty of mathematics.Through this tournament, we hope to show you some neat and elegant tools and ideas in mathematics. Moreover, this is an opportunity for you all to meet like-minded peers who love mathematics as much as you do.
During my time as both a contestant and problem writer, I have seen participants in math contests grow by learning problem solving and teamwork strategies, and meeting other participants with whom they form long, lasting friendships. I hope that all participants can take some valuable knowledge and learning experiences away with them after competing this weekend.
Hello math enthusiasts and greetings from the US! It's enlightening to deconstruct the world around us into basic principles. I have lots of fun trying to figure out how things work; that's why I do math. Being with people who share our mathematical enthusiasm can open up our minds to new techniques in math or more--opportunities in industry and academia. Get ready for a thrilling competition that will test your critical thinking skills and push your limits. You will learn valuable skills such as working efficiently and effectively with and without a team. Prepare yourselves for a memorable experience that will further enhance your perception of problemsolving. Enjoy yourselves, and good luck!
Math, regardless of your background will always be taught the same. Its a universal language of knowledge and is integrated into all topics of study. People who love math are not human calculators, they are innovative thinkers and problem solvers. Math is more then 1+1, it is the basis for logic and critical thinking and I encourage everyone to explore and appreciate it farther. Have a great time and explore your love of Math!
Students, I really hope you enjoy the competition that we have made for you this year. I feel privileged that you are able to demonstrate your mathematical ability for us today. Remember that mathematics is one of the purest forms of problem-solving, methodical and scientific in its processes but artistic and creative in its approach. The beauty of mathematics is in its flawless rigor. In light of that, here is some advice: if you are stuck, try something, anything! Maybe you will get somewhere. But most importantly have fun, be creative, and good luck with this year's BmMT!

Application Details

Target applicants

Junior high school/ Middle School students

Registration Deadline

21st December, 2018


Winners of 2017 BmMT

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