ASDAN Global Career Exploration Program

Aeronautics & Airline management at Singapore Polytechnic

 "Certificate of Completion" from Singapore Polytechnics

Deep Exploration of Singapore by making "A Unique Singapore" microfilm

"ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work Award" accredited by UK Department of Education

Dates: 2019, Jul. 21 - 28


Singapore is located in southern Malay Peninsula and in control of southern exit to the Strait of Malacca with important role of international business. Thus, Port of Singapore is one of the most busiest ports a round the world. There are diversified industries in Singapore. For example, finance, manufacturing, oil refining and tourism. As tourists getting more and more, aviation industry has become the priority of development in Singapore. Apart from private aviation, Singapore also welcomes international airlines to station.

Singapore Polytechnic was founded on October 27, 1954, making it the very first polytechnic university to be established in Singapore. Till today, its graduates have contributed significantly to Singapore's economic and industrial growth and many are now well-known entrepreneurs. Others hold positions of responsibility and leadership in industry, business and in public organizations. At Singapore Polytechnic, the pioneering spirit is kept very much alive.

Study Topics

Aeronautics with Glider Design & Build:
  • Principles of Fight Aerodynamics
  • Principles of Flight Control
  • Aircraft System
  • Basic Flight Instruments
  • Glider Design & Build
Airline Operations & Management:
  • What is the Airline Industry?
  • Liberalising Air Transport
  • Business Perspectives of Aviation
  • Fleet Planning
  • Alliances
  • Managing LCCs
Culture Experience:
  • "A Unique Singapore"  Micro Film Making
  • Merlion Park
  • Night Scene of Sands
  • Night Zoo
  • Orchard Street
  • Universal Studio


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