In Partnership with Berkeley mini Math Tournament (BmMT) and Johns Hopkins Math Tournament (JHMT)

Experienced problem writers and graders from Johns Hopkins University and U.C. Berkeley come to China

Compete in teams

Unique and challenging math problems

Creative mathematical thinking and advanced mathematical logic

Past papers provided for preparation


The ASDAN Math Tournament - Junior aims to introduce mathematics competitions, in partnership with famous math tournaments in the U.S, to China. This tournament provides China's young math enthusiasts with the world's best platform for mathematics learning and communication. Different from the traditional mathematics competition, the Berkeley mini Math Tournament (BmMT) and John Hopkins Math Tournament (JHMT) both take form as a five-member team competition. Advanced mathematical ideas, diverse and fun game rules, and teamwork all come together in their competitions. The purpose is not to select and evaluate those gifted in math, but to inspire more students to love and gain interest in mathematics.

Since 2016, the ASDAN Math Tournament - Junior has worked in cooperation with Berkeley Math Tournament to hold BmMT. More than 500 teams from more than 100 key junior high schools and international schools have participated in this event. Starting from 2020, ASDAN Math Tournament - Junior will also introduce and cooperate with Johns Hopkins Math Tournament. Therefore, Chinese students will be able to participate in both the Berkeley Mini Math Tournament (BmMT) and the Johns Hopkins Math Tournament (JHMT).


Berkeley Math Tournament Committee
Johns Hopkins Math Tournament Committee
ASDAN China (ASDAN Academy)
Beijing New Talent Academy

  • Date: 4th-5th January, 2020

  • Location: Beijing New Talent Academy (9 Anhua Street, Shunyi District, Beijing)

  • Language: English & Chinese

  • Website:

Rules and Award

Competition Rules

Language:English & Chinese

Team Size:5 students per team

BmMT Exam Breakdown:

Individual Round:60-minute exam consisting of 20 questions

Puzzle Round:60-minute team exam (challenges designed to promote inductive reasoning and lateral thinking)

Speed Round:10 minutes (answer as many questions as possible)

Team Test Round:30-minute exam consisting of 20 questions

Tiebreaker Round:15-minute exam consisting of 5 questions

JHMT Exam Breakdown:

Target Round:4 rounds total:This test contains 4 questions to be solved in 10 minutes.

Relay Round:4 rounds total: This test contains 5 questions to be solved in 10 minutes. Each member of a team solves 1 problem. When student #1 finishes the first problem, write the answer on the answer sheet and pass it along to student #2 to solve the second problem, etc.

Award Setting

Team Award

Team Results:Top 3

BmMT Puzzle Round: Top 3, Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%, Honorable 50%

BmMT Speed Round: Top 3, Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%, Honorable 50%

BmMT Team Round: Top 3, Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%, Honorable 50%

JHMT Relay Round: Top 3, Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%, Honorable 50%

BmMT Overall Team: Top 3, Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%, Honorable 50%

JHMT Overall Team: Top 3, Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%, Honorable 50%

Individual Award

Individual Test Results: Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%

BmMT Individual Round: Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%, Honorable 50%

JHMT Target Round: Gold 10%, Silver 20%, Bronze 30%, Honorable 50%


Problem Writers and Assessors

A very warm welcome to the AMT-J! We are a group of math enthusiasts from America, who have come together to create a tournament just as interesting, engaging and out-of-the-box. Through this tournament, we will show you a world of math that is beyond your textbooks and classrooms. You will take back one of your most enriching experiences and forge some interesting connections between yourself and the powerful world of mathematics. Most importantly, you will learn the art of efficiency and smart problem-solving, working as a team, and hopefully will make some new friends too!
I hope that all of you are excited to participate in this tournament! If you've never been to a math tournament before, don't worry -- problems here probably won't be like the ones you've seen on math tests at school. Above all, we tried to make the problems enjoyable and interesting. By the end of AMT-J, even if you didn't get the score you wanted, hopefully you've left with a greater appreciation of the beauty and creativity of math. Good luck, try your best, and have fun!
Hi, my name is Eric Cochran and I am a senior Math and Computer Science major at Johns Hopkins.  As someone who's been involved with JHMT in the past, I'm looking forward to bringing this exciting competition to the international stage.
I'm a fourth-year mathematics and English student and the president of JHU Math Club. I adore numbers and ideas, and I enjoy sharing my love for mathematics with other people. I'm particularly interested in what makes mathematics possible: its foundations, its praxis, and its pedagogy.
Thanks for coming to participate at AMT-J! I hope you all have fun at the tournament and see the joy and beauty of math!
I’m a sophomore student at Johns Hopkins University majoring in mathematics and physics. Personally, I’ve always thought of mathematics as the language humans use to communicate with nature, and competitive mathematics helps shed light on the most interesting aspects of this subject. I am very excited to be a part of the ASDAN team this year. Hopefully, through solving these problems, students can unveil the nature of mathematics and enjoy the many steps it take to obtain a solution.
I am a fourth-year student of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics/Statistics at Johns Hopkins University and treasurer of the Math Club. I am thrilled to see Beijing and visit China for the first time. Mathematics is universal, and I truly look forward to sharing it with others through the tournament.
Hi everyone! My name is Randy and I am a 3rd year computer science major at Johns Hopkins as well as the director of JHMT. I am very excited to collaborate with Berkeley and ASDAN this year to bring JHMT to China for the first time. Math has always been an integral part of my life, and I can't wait to share the problems we've been working on with all of you. Have a great time and explore your love of Math! Enjoy yourselves, and good luck!
I'm Jason, a current 4th year Math and Physics students here at Johns Hopkins.  I'm very excited to share my passion for  mathematics with all of you and hope you guys have fun at the tournament!
Hi! My name is Sungwon Kim and I am a 2nd year Computer Science major at Johns Hopkins University. I enjoy writing problems as it helps me express my creative side through the language of mathematics. Math has opened up for me a world of new opportunities and friendships. Enjoy exploring your mathematical pursuits and I wish you best of luck!

Application Details

Target applicants

Junior high school/ Middle School students

Registration Deadline

20th December, 2019

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