The Silk Road


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Tibetan Highland Experience

Trekking and camping in the Tibetan grasslands at more than 3000 m altitude.

Field Research

Students are going to be divided into groups of 4-5 people for specific issue discovery: Culture, Religion and Trading. Students will visit the local people, interview them and finish group tasks by overcoming language barriers.

Make your own Silk Road documentary

We designed the EXPLORE Silk Road trip to be an exciting and interactive learning experience, and what better way to learn than being the director of your very own documentary movie!

You can choose which topics to focus on, such as trade, religion, food, economic development or any other aspect of culture. You will edit the documentary and present it at the end of the trip!

Silk Road Courses

Place Course Topics
Kazakh village Uyghur dance and folk music study
Wind Power Station Natural resource usage of West China, and the effects of West China's Development effect to overall China development
Sugong Muslim Mosque Discover Islam, the beliefs of the Uyghur
Desert Camel riding and camping in the Taklamakan Desert (China’s largest desert), make a documentary and experience an ancient traders' life in the Silk Road
Dunhuang Mogao Cave Buddhist Culture and History
Yellow River in Tibetan Highland Life of Tibetan Nomads in China
Tibetan Village Tibetan Cultural Presentation
Terror Cotta Warriors Xi'an - how it became the center of the world
Uyghur Family Uyghur dance and folk music study

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn team-working skills whilst making a video documentary.
  • Understand the history and importance of the Silk Road, and the effect it had on China as well as the West.
  • Understand the cultural differences between China’s various ethnic groups, and experience the diversity which makes Western China so unique.
  • Understand how different cultures and religions mixed in the past compared to modern China and discover how people managed to live harmoniously.
  • Learn about the major religions and their followers, historically and today.

Agenda Model

Round 1: 20th July – 31st July 2017. Round 2: 4th August – 15th August 2017.

Agenda City Morning Afternoon Accommodation
Day 1 Xinjiang Start our Silk Road adventure with an Orientation Session, all the international delegates and Chinese delegates can get to know each other. We will lead you through the agenda and explain your teamwork task. Hotel
Day 2 Urumchi Travelling to the Kazak ethnic village. Interview the villagers, collect materials for your documentary and further immerse yourself in this unique culture. Driving south-eastwards, Journey to Turpan, pass by the world's largest wind power farm to get an insight into China's green power ambitions. Hotel
Day 3 Turpan Visit the Ruins of Ancient City of Jiaohe, which was a major destination on the Silk Road Trade route until it was destroyed by Ghenghis Khan in the 13th Century. Urgar family visit, talk to rural family and conduct interviews for their documentary. Hotel
Day 4 Turpan Experience the Sugong Pagoda which is an eye-catching Islamic pagoda built over 200 years ago. Interact with local Muslims to get an insight into Islam within China. Explore the Turpan's rural bazaar. Try to bargain and interview the local traders on local business, Get your first chance to travel by overnight train- a must for anyone exploring China! Overnight train
Day 5 Dunhuang Arrive Dunhuang and have breakfast. Check in hotel for a shower. Visit the Dunhuang Mogao Caves - the greatest Buddhist Caves in the desert, with thousands of Buddha statues and precious paintings for students to marvel at. We will then drive into the desert where a true camping adventure is awaiting us! Camping at desert
Day 6 Dunhuang A pre dawn start is essential this morning if we want to experience the special views. After this we will be riding camels in the desert. Then head to railway station for the journey to Qinghai. Arrive in Xining and check in. Hotel
Day 7 Xining Head to Tibetan area, Tongren Visit a Tibetan family to get know their daily life. Prepare for camping, enjoy the sunset in grassland. Camping at night
Day 8 Xining Bask in the morning sunrise on the grasslands. Then hike in the village - exploring the diverse culture of the people Visit a Tibetan Painter. Learn the intricate painting process of a Regong Art-Tangka painting. Get an understanding and appreciation of the art and its significance to the people of this area. Hotel
Day 9 Xining Visit a Tibetan Buddhist Temple; Visit the Museum of Tibetan Medicine to understand this mysterious branch of traditional Chinese medicine. Overnight Train
Day 10 Xian Arrival at Xi'an and check in Visit the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and understand Buddhism's prosperity in Tang Dynasty; cycle on the ancient city wall, and have a view of the ancient city. Hotel
Day 11 Xian Visit the world famous Terra Cotta Warriors and see first hand over 8,000 terra cotta soliders deigned to protect the first Emperor of China in his after life. This visit also serves as a great opportunity for you to collect materials for your documentary! Finish making your documentary with your teammates Hotel
Day 12 Xian Our closing ceremony of the trip and the presentation of your documentary to the rest of the group. Go back home


We are looking for

  • High school students who can speak English fluently.
  • Outgoing, polite and friendly are the characters we value.
  • Students who can live without parents and are self-disciplined.

Limited number

We can only take 30 Chinese students to pair up with the other 30 foreign students on this trip.

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2018 dates will be updated soon.

Refund Policy

  • If you cancel a trip for a reasonable reason before the departure (over 50 days) you will be charged 10% of the total fee.
  • If you cancel a trip for a reasonable reason before the departure (from 30 to 50 days) you will be charged 30% of the total fee.
  • If you cancel a trip for a reasonable reason before departure (within 30 days) you will be charged 85% of total fee.