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29th July - 1st August, 2018 (4 days)


Shanghai-China’s largest megalopolis, is not like anywhere else in the world. It is a modern metropolitan city, which is underlined with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics, bursting at the seams with its own unique charm. This city offers many spectacular views and different perspectives, ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, high-speed and slow-paced. Shanghai is a pulsating city that never sleeps. It is an island of commerce, finance and trade with an unmatched energy that gives a constant feeling of opportunity to anyone who goes there.

Chinese Business Culture class

Learn about Chinese business culture as well as etiquette in business life. In this class you can learn about the do’s and don’t, when working with Chinese or how people’s relationships impact on business achievement.

Chinese Economic Development class

Learn about China’s efforts towards the free market economy over the past 30 years and the current situation in China. Discover the reasons why China has developed so fast in just mere decades but also find out about possible future paths for China’s economy.


For China, Lenovo is the definitive technology brand, which Chinese people have great pride in. Visit the company to understand their key strategies that help them succeed in Chinese and international markets.

Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive

The Volkswagen Group is the second largest foreign car manufacturer in the Chinese market. At Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive you can experience the production process of the automobiles whilst also learning about how Volkswagen as a foreign company managed to succeed in the challenging Chinese market.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Learn about the infrastructure that must be provided to handle a city with nearly 25 million inhabitants and learn about Shanghai’s efforts in becoming greener.

Sightseeing in Shanghai

During the 4 day program we will have the chance to visit some of Shanghai’s finest sights, including Yu Yuan Gardens, Tian Zi Fang and a boat trip along the Bund.

Sample Itinerary

Morning Lunch Afternoon Dinner Evening Accomodation
Day 1 Arrival Opening
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center
Dinner Chinese Economic Development Session Hotel
Day 2 Breakfast
Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive
Lunch F1 Circuit
Yu Yuan Garden
Dinner Boat trip along the Bund Hotel
Day 3 Breakfast
Lunch BaoSteel Dinner Free time Hotel
Day 4 Breakfast
Tian Zi Fang
Lunch Zhu Jia Jiao Dinner Departure Shanghai



29th July - 1st August, 2018 (4 days)

We are looking for

  • High school students who can speak English fluently.
  • Outgoing, polite and friendly are the characters we value.
  • Students who can live without parents and are self-disciplined.

Limited number

To provide the most exciting cultural immersion to our international students and also the opportunity for international exposure to our participating Chinese students, we aim to have an equal number of 30 local students and 30 foreign students on the tour.

Refund Policy

  • If you cancel a trip more that 50 days before departure you will be reimbursed 90% of the total fee.
  • If you cancel a trip 30 - 50 days before departure you will be reimbursed 70% of the total fee.
  • If you cancel a trip 30 days prior to departure you will be reimbursed 15% of total fee.

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